Social media star to CEO of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brand

Glossier CEO Emily Weiss

From fashion assistant at Vogue, to CEO of the cosmetics company storming the internet, Emily Weiss is the woman of the hour.

In fact, her brand Glossier might just be the most talked about beauty brand on the lips of millennials.

Launching her beauty focussed blog, Into the Gloss back in 2010, Weiss couldn’t have predicted that the name Glossier would be amongst the leading cult brands in the market.

Into the Gloss was a beauty-lifestyle platform that allowed Weiss to share her favourite beauty buys. It included the popular series The Top Shelf, which saw Weiss interview the famous faces she regularly rubbed shoulders with at Vogue.

Following the popularity of her blog, which still racks up an impressive 1.5 million readership, Weiss decided to launch her own brand, Glossier in 2014.

Glossier is a self-proclaimed

'Glossier is a self-proclaimed ‘people-powered beauty ecosystem’ that sells every beauty hoarder’s dreams'

that sells every beauty hoarder’s dreams from luxurious moisturisers to lip stains, with a firm focus on skincare first and makeup second.

Almost instantly, beauty junkies were hooked on the brand’s effortless aesthetic, with their Instagram grabbing 15,000 followers before any products were even live to purchase.

The brand’s digital-first approach has paid dividends, with the company now boasting a staggering 1.3 million Instagram followers. Harnessing the power of social media, Weiss has also managed to secure a whopping $86 million cash injection from investors.

The driven entrepreneur was also recently named in Fortune’s ’40 Under 40’ amongst other standout icons such as Rihanna and Donald Glover. Following this recent success, Weiss posted on her personal Instagram:

'Beauty is powerful, it’s not frivolous; it’s a conduit for connection'.

The customer-centric approach to Glossier is one of the main reasons it’s a market leader.

From humble beginnings, Weiss directly asked her customers what they wanted to see in her products, and from there on the consumer-led experience launched her brand into cult status, with the Milk Jelly Cleanser being one of the frequently replenished products.

And if the products weren’t enough to convince you to dip into your pockets, the refreshing marketing campaigns will. Inclusivity and redefining beauty industry standards are at the heart of the campaigns which add to the brand’s winning formula.

Glossier’s first body product was spear-headed with an impressive body-positive campaign. The launch of the new body lotion and wash starred five nude women of different shapes, ethnicity and occupations. The campaign was praised globally and won the hearts of thousands with its female empowerment message placed at the centre of the campaign’s message.

There’s no sign of this ecommerce powerhouse slowing down, but with Weiss staying hush-hush about future product releases, we’ll all just have to keep scrolling on the ‘gram.

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