YouTube remains one of the most popular social media sites, and with such varied content the options are endless! Influencers have taken to YouTube to provide content that meets the high demand for video content that never fails to entertain, and their subscriber counts are continually on the rise.

There is content out there for everyone, but when looking at the best YouTube channels by category, gaming influencers take a clear lead in popularity, with so many YouTubers achieving millions of views and subscribers with gaming content.

That’s not to say that other types of content do not perform well, with beauty, lifestyle, fashion, parenting content, and more, proving to be a huge hit with the YouTube community and becoming some of the most subscribed YouTube channels out there.

Let’s take a look at our top picks from year’s YouTube channels with most subscribers...

Mr Beast - 122M

One of the most prolific YouTubers who was the first to achieve over 10 million views is Mr Beast. The gaming influencer is no stranger to going above and beyond with his videos, with stunt-driven content that’s captured his audience effortlessly. Now, with 122M subscribers and counting, his account is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels, and his career continues to amaze.

PewDiePie - 111M

After starting YouTube in 2010, PewDiePie has become one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, providing gaming content that his fans love. Speaking six different languages means his content is more available, providing him with a broad audience, too. His commentary of games like Minecraft and Among Us earned lots of positive attention, and his massive subscriber count of 111M is continually growing!

Felipe Neto - 44.7M

The Brazilian comedy writer, actor and YouTuber, Felipe Neto, has raked up an incredible subscriber count. His content is full of gaming videos and comedic commentary on celebrities and social media trends, and with such a growing audience, he has become a force to be reckoned with in the YouTube community!

Fernanfloo - 43.6M

Luis, better known online as Fernanfloo, is the jaw-dropping content creator who’s been posting entertaining videos since 2011. He since found his niche, gaming, and his videos have achieved a total view of over nine billion, so it’s no wonder that his subscriber count is on the rise, currently at 43.6M!

KSI - 24M

The YouTube sensation, KSI, has dominated the digital world with his widely popular gaming content, as well as with his YouTube group, The Sidemen. His content is tailored perfectly to his audience, and his varied career has increased his fanbase even more! With 24M subscribers and counting, KSI is a YouTuber to look out for when planning your next marketing campaigns.

DanTDM - 26.3M

DanTDM started out posting content focussed on Pokémon, and this progressed into his channel becoming a children’s gaming channel called TheDiamondMindcraft - which is where the TDM in his name comes from. He has since progressed into posting about different games, and has amassed a whopping 26.3M subscribers as a result!

Gaby and Alex - 17.1M

Gaby and Alex make YouTube videos with their mother, Sabine. The channel encompasses all things “kids' fun”, with children’s challenges and playing with toys. Perfect for parenting campaigns that target children’s products, this YouTube duo will melt your hearts – as well as the hearts of their 17.1M subscribers!

Morgz - 11.7M

Morgan is the YouTube sensation who’s best known for posting videos with his mum, often doing challenges, pranks, and sketches. He even posts vlogs too, and with such varied and high-quality content, it is no surprise that Morgz has achieved an impressive 11.7M subscribers on his channel.

Colin Furze - 11.6M

Colin Furze is a versatile YouTuber who shares a range of content from stunts to inventions, as well as being a filmmaker. His YouTube channel is loved for its creative and crazy content, with world records and random inventions. It is no surprise that his subscriber base of 11.6M is continuing to rise!

There is no doubt that YouTube in 2023 will continue to soar and expand, and with such a fantastic array of influencers posting quality content, your brand campaigns for 2023 will greatly benefit from Youtubers – especially YouTube channels with most subscribers and thus, loyal fans!

If you would like to work with any of the aforementioned YouTubers, or want to find out who would be bested suited to your campaign, get in touch with us and we can help – we look forward to hearing from you!