Brands are no longer predominantly working with the big guns that have millions of followers. Now, brands are looking for higher engagement rates, better interaction and authenticity to increase the success rates of their digital campaigns.

In order to achieve this, brands are choosing to work with nano influencers as well as micro influencers - all of which have under 150,000 followers.

So, we thought we’d compile a list of ten of our favourite influencers - both micro and nano - to give you an idea of the power and importance of this growing industry.

Grace Surguy - 69.7K followers

Nottingham-based Grace Surguy is a popular fashion and beauty micro influencer. Known for her expertise in all things fashion, Grace is active on Instagram as well as her personal blog.

Posing in her favourite outfits for stylistic Instagram posts and keeping her followers up to date with all of the latest trends, Grace is a one-stop-shop when it comes to fashion. From work-wear to cosy Sunday loungewear, Grace has got you covered.

Yasmine Camilla - 27.6K followers

Newly popular parenting, fashion and lifestyle influencer Yasmine Camilla, is rising social media star. Keen to show the world how to waste less, work less and travel more, Yasmine has a large and loyal following across both Instagram and TikTok. 

Known as ‘Yasmine Talks Money’ on TikTok, the social media sensation has amassed more than one million likes for sharing her top tips for being savvy with money, inspiring others to live a life of financial freedom. 

Yasmine is also an advocate for body positivity, using her platform to promote a life of self-love and empowerment.

Sug Sean - 53K followers

Dedicated to sharing content based around mens fashion, lifestyle and grooming, Sug Sean is an online platform run by Sean Webster.

With thousands of followers, Sean has a strong online presence on both Instagram and his blog, where he tackles relevant topics within today's society. Known for his quirky and artistic photographs, Sean posts scenic images from his travels around the world as well as colour-coordinated outfit snaps.

As well as all of that, Sean often shows support for a number of causes that he feels passionate about, including the environment and human rights.

Simply Food by Mandy - 110K followers

As a self-taught culinary extraordinaire, Mandy uses her social media platforms to inspire her followers to create simple yet nutritious meals.

As a rising micro influencer within the food and drink industry, Mandy’s Instagram feed is full to the brim of mouth-watering recipes that you can easily follow from the comfort of your kitchen.

Keeping up to date with the latest food and diet trends, Mandy shares a variety of meat-based meals as well as catering for vegans and vegetarians. With the help of Mandy’s recipes, everyone can enjoy wholesome, home cooked meals.

Rene's Cravings - 30.5K followers

Ever-growing Instagram and TikTok chef Rene, travels around the world posting tasty meals, snacks and treats for her followers to adore. Always having her followers waiting and anticipating for which mouth-watering meal is coming next, Rene keeps her content fresh and engaging.

Her bubbly personality comes across well in tutorial videos and she demonstrates step-by-step home-made recipes for her followers to try for themselves.

Already having worked with several well-known brands, Rene is already a great influencer and will no doubt continue to grow.

Man For Himself - 55.4K followers

Robin James is the face of Man For Himself and as a niche influencer, he spends his time exploring topics such as mens lifestyle, fashion and grooming.

Over time, Robin has gone on to become a successful role model for men, using his platforms to encourage individuality. As well as his highly engaged Instagram feed, Robin has a hugely successful YouTube channel where he posts more long-form content.

As well as posting men’s fashion hauls, hair care tutorials and skincare routines, Robin also tackles issues such as male mental health, providing honest and genuine support to his followers and beyond.

Someone’s Mum - 37.3K followers

Danielle Duggins, or as she is better known, Someone’s Mum, is a parenting blog dedicated to providing parents and guardians with a whole host of tips, tricks and helpful advice.

As one of the UK’s leading parenting influencers, Danielle is also a well-known advocate for neurodiversity. Having a child with Autism, Danielle is eager to raise awareness on the topic.

With her work proving to be a huge success, Danielle has won a number of awards for her parenting blog including Blogosphere Parenting Blogger of the Year in 2017.

NotSoFarmersWife - 38K followers

Steph, better known by her social media handle NotSoFarmersWife, is a parenting and lifestyle influencer who also promotes health and fitness. Being a first time mum to her son Lennie, who is all over her Instagram page, Steph posts about her experiences as a parent in different scenarios and how she deals with them.

In a bid to help other first time parents, Steph often posts tips to her many followers who look up to her for advice and help.

Steph also has second Instagram page dedicated to food. With her feed full of mouth-watering recipes, it is hard to not try it out for yourself.

Glow Up with Becca - 17.9K followers

Health and fitness influencer Becca, uses her platform to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle focusing her efforts on exercise, food and nutrition.

Her Instagram feed is full of expert tips and tricks to lead a healthier lifestyle as well as colourful fresh and healthy meals.

As well as uploading content on Instagram and TikTok, Becca has also launched her own podcast. The show aims to inspire others to feel good, look good and live healthier lives. Often talking about marathon training plans, challenges and discussing the benefits of vitamins, Becca covers it all.

Ainsley Gray - 29.9K followers

Based in Derby, Ainsley Gray is a full-time influencer and event organiser. Previously known as ‘Life with Oaks & Olive’, Ainsley is a wife and mum-of-two.

What began as documenting life as a first-time-mum, Ainsley soon grew a large and loyal following on Instagram. Sharing all things lifestyle and interiorsparenting and travel, Ainsley and her little family are super relatable.

In 2017, Ainsley became the founder of ‘Mama Meet and Market’ and began hosting a variety of parenting events, bringing together her love of supporting small businesses and connecting with other parents. Since then, Ainsley has taken on this role full-time, hosting her events in and around the Midland, welcoming thousands of guests from across the UK.

There we have it. Those are our top ten picks of micro and nano influencers - so, get following!