It’s no secret that social media stars are becoming the A-listers of the current generation. With thousands, and often millions of followers across social media, they are a force to be reckoned with. 

And proving their popularity, many social media influencers have made their way onto mainstream media. A huge achievement for the influencer marketing industry, traditional media has recognised the impact they have as well as their potential for other industries, too.

Typically speaking, social media influencers have a much younger audience and following than that of more traditional celebrities. So, by introducing social media stars to prime-time television shows, this will not only benefit themselves and their career, but that of the TV shows, too. 

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Traditional TV shows utilising a more modern generation 

Over the last couple of years, TV shows have been beginning to welcome people other than the traditional celeb onto their shows.

But what exactly is the benefit of this? 

Well, social media stars tend to have millions of followers who are typically of a generation that maybe aren’t all too familiar with traditional TV shows. Many of which, are aimed at a slightly older generation and by utilising some of the most influential people online, they are also opening their doors to a brand-new audience.

Social media influencers have incredibly loyal followers and more often than not, they follow all aspects of the influencer’s life, waiting in anticipation for their next move.

And in doing so, these TV shows are strategically increasing their own audience, viewing ratings and engagement. 

Are influencers the new reality TV stars? 

Many prime-time shows have welcomed famous faces to their line-ups in the form of social media influencers. 

The most pivotal being Joe Sugg appearing on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2018. Joe was one of the first social media stars to appear on such a show and made quite the impact. 

As mentioned in a previous blog of ours, Strictly Come Dancing almost doubled its social media presence on Twitter, with almost 90,000 posts being made about the show in a three-week period during September. And with an impressive 19,000 tweets about Joe Sugg alone, it is no wonder that the show saw such an increase – and that isn’t a coincidence.

Since Joe’s appearance on the show, it has led to other shows of a similar vein also involving social media stars, and this has been the case year on year ever since.

Strictly Come Dancing, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here and Dancing on Ice are just three of the main prime-time shows that have welcomed social media influencers with open arms, and are continuing to reap the rewards of sky-high viewing ratings and increasing awareness of their already popular shows. 

What’s next? 

Since 2018, we’ve seen the likes of YouTube sensation Saffron Barker take on the Strictly dance floor, following in fellow content-creator Joe Sugg’s footsteps. Saffron was a huge hit on the show and as a vlogger, she also created content for her own social media channels, that also helped aid promotion of the show.

And this year, musician and YouTuber HRVY is continuing the new-found reign of social media stars waltzing around the famous ballroom. 

Over recent years ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! has welcomed an array of social media stars, from Georgia Toffolo to Caitlyn Jenner, and more recently, Giovanna Fletcher

Dancing on Ice has also featured well-known social media influencers, including Love Island’s Wes Nelson and Maura Higgins, and the newest series will see Billie Shepherd take to the ice. And it doesn’t end there, as Gogglebox also aired a celebrity special with popular YouTuber and social media star, KSI taking part.

The Great British Bake Off also adds to this long-list, with Zoe Sugg taking part in The Great Comic Relief Bake Off, and as the pioneer of the influencer marketing industry, this is quite the achievement – for both the influencer and the show.

Here at Influencer Matchmaker HQ, we are thoroughly enjoying seeing the new wave of TV stars and can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future! We have no doubt it will include much more collaboration between modern and traditional media. 


So, it seems that social media stars are continuing to prove just how influential and powerful they are. And with more and more shows utilising social media stardom, is this the beginning of a brand-new era for prime-time television? 

What do you think? 

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