Influencer marketing continues to be one of the most successful marketing approaches in today’s world. 

This year, the industry is set to reach $16.4 billion, continuing its growth from $13.8 billion in 2021, proving just how much of a powerful tool influencer marketing really is. 

And, with brands expecting to increase their budgets for influencer marketing campaigns this year, both brands and influencers are aware of just how much it can boost awareness, sales and return on investment (ROI). 

But the key to a successful marketing campaign is partnership. Teaming up a brand with an influencer isn’t as easy as it looks – there’s so much to consider. From ensuring audience and values are aligned to fees and logistics, it is no longer a case of a brand simply choosing an influencer they’d like to work with. It is much more strategic. 

Here at Influencer Matchmaker, we are experts in creating the perfect pairing. As an influencer marketing agency, we aren’t called ‘matchmakers’ for nothing. We ensure that the brands we work with get the very best results for their business and prioritise what they want to get out of the influencer campaigns. 

What is influencer marketing? 

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Influencer marketing is a different form of advertising, and is recognised as a social media marketing strategy.

Utilising the authenticity and relatability of social media influencers, influencer marketing is the ideal way for brands to boost awareness, generate sales, increase revenue and allows them to connect with consumers.

Successful influencer marketing campaigns 

Over the years, there have been so many successful marketing campaigns, however, we’ve picked a few that we feel have really stood out. 

What makes a campaign successful? To us, if you think of an influencer when you see a particular brand (or vice versa), then that is the ultimate success. Influencer and brand association is pivotal and demonstrates the power of long-lasting partnerships. 

Now, here are some examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have caught our eye over the years... 

Davina McCall and Holly Willoughby X Garnier 

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A prime example of this would be Garnier. When you think of the brand, we have no doubt that your first though goes to Davina McCall or Holly Willoughby. 

Davina has been an ambassador for the brand for more than 17 years while Holly has also worked with Garnier for almost a decade. Recognised for their luscious locks, this collaboration was a no brainer – for everyone involved! 

Both women have become so synonymous of the brand that now, it is near impossible to think of one without the other.

The ambassadorship began on TV as a more traditional form of marketing, however as time has gone on and the role of social media has progressed, this soon turned into an influencer marketing campaign – an incredibly successful one at that. 

Mrs Hinch X Tesco 

Mrs Hinch is the ultimate social media influencer. Beginning her career just a few years ago, Mrs Hinch began sharing to her now-famous Instagram account, sharing her top tips for cleaning. 

What was quite possibly the first ‘home’ account of its kind, Mrs Hinch inspired and created a whole new generation of social media influencers. 

And, just three years after Mrs Hinch broke the internet, Sophie launched her first collection with Tesco. Consisting of homeware and clothing, Mrs Hinch X Tesco was incredibly well-received by her army of loyal fans. 

Renowned for her passion of home décor, interior design and comfy clothing, this collaboration was a match made in heaven and is why it has been so triumphant. 

Joey Essex X Aspers Casino 

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Joey Essex is recognised nationwide for being the life and soul of the party, which is why his partnership with Aspers Casino was so well suited. 

Joey and Aspers Casino teamed up to create a completely unique marketing campaign. Much of the campaign took part across social media and Instagram in particular – a renowned influencer marketing platform.

However, as well as this, Joey also attended numerous events and will soon be visiting Las Vegas along with winners of the campaign.

Having considered the brand’s goals and target audience, Joey was the ideal influencer for this campaign. 

Snoop Dogg X Just Eat 

A collaboration we weren’t quite expecting – but now makes total sense! Just a few years ago, when you thought of Snoop Dogg, your initial thoughts may have gone to some of his chart-topping hits or signature style. 

But now, especially for the younger generation, when we hear the name Snoop Dogg, we think of Just Eat – all thanks to its iconic jingle and ads. 

Target audience played a huge role in this campaign – Snoop Dogg is a name that people from all walks of life will recognise, which is what made him the perfect influencer and celebrity to star in this campaign where the main goal was to reach a younger and more urban

This is an influencer campaign like no other, which is perhaps, why it is one of the most successful ones out there.


As we’ve already mentioned, finding the perfect match is a difficult task, however we were able to do just that. To celebrate the launch of Frozen II on Disney+ in the UK, we teamed the brand up with a variety of influencers who suited the brief and criteria, including Jacqueline Jossa, Ferne McCann, Binky Felstead and Samantha Faiers. 

A parenting influencer was the obvious choice, however we went one step further and partnered the brand with four influencers with not only Frozen-mad children, but the right audience, too – keeping the brand’s goals in mind every step of the way. 

Promoting Disney+ and encouraging sign-ups to the online streaming service to fellow parents and their children, this influencer marketing campaign was nothing short of successful. 

There are so many examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have seen tremendous success; however, those are just a handful of the ones that stick out to us, and why. 

As an influencer marketing agency, we can ensure that brands achieve the best results possible and most of this comes down to sourcing the perfect partner.