Famous Male Influencers That Will Benefit Your Brand

Finding the best-suited influencers for your brand is important. Their ability to push your marketing campaigns to success is unmatched, meaning they can massively help reap those sought-after rewards. 

Considering that 54% of social media users follow their favourite brands, ensuring you’re posting high-quality, relevant content is crucial.

Using influencers for these marketing efforts is also extremely beneficial, with studies suggesting that they can produce as much as 11 times more Return on Investment (ROI) than other digital marketing approaches! 

Choosing the right influencer is highly necessary, and here at Influencer Matchmaker we work with a whole range of male influencers for you to partner with! 

Below are some of our most popular male influencers, all with varying content and niches, to give you an idea of who you could work with! 



JJ Olatunji, better known online as KSI, is the YouTube sensation who has dominated video content with his own YouTube empire, as well as entered various industries and conquered them, too. He rose to fame after publishing videos of himself playing video games like FIFA and Call of Duty, and then teamed up with six other YouTube creators to create the group called Sidemen.

KSI has also had a successful music career, with popular rap singles and albums. Another well-broadcasted venture of KSI’s has been his boxing career, where he famously competed against Logan Paul after a long-term rivalry, to then go into business with him with the release of their energy drink, PRIME. KSI’s versatility is extremely admirable, falling into many categories, but particularly if your brand seeks the top UK gaming influencers for your marketing campaign, KSI would be the perfect option.


Alex Bowen 

After his appearance on the 2016 series of Love Island, Alex Bowen’s career soared to success. He has become one of the most influential male fitness influencers, UK focused, and offers high-quality content to his followers. He has even released his own fitness app, ABX Performance, to share fitness and meal plans on a subscription-based platform.

Alex also shares lots of aesthetic content of his favourite outfits on his social media, as well as gorgeous family photos with his wife, Olivia Bowen, and their son. He has even launched his own clothing brand with Olivia, called Exempt Society. Alex’s diverse and well-created content is perfect for brands looking for popular male influencers to boost their campaign across multiple industries! 


Luke Trotman

Luke Trotman is best known for coming second in the winter season special of Love Island, earning a large fan-base after viewers fell in love with his cheeky chappy persona. Luke started his career in football, and has since played for a range of teams, and also studied at university for a degree in banking, finance and management.

Now, Luke is a popular social media personality, posting a range of content. His fashion related posts do well with followers, sharing his favourite looks and stylish outfits. Luke has also posted lots of dancing videos, keeping up with TikTok trends and showing off his fun-loving spirit. If you’re on the lookout for popular male fashion influencers, UK based, then Luke would be a perfect choice! 


Gary Beadle 

Gary Beadle, best known for his appearance on Geordie Shore, has become a popular reality TV star. His television career expands further, as he has also starred on MTV’s Ex on the Beach and Geordie OG’s. Gary has now also established himself as a social media influencer, sharing lifestyle content with partner Emma McVey.

Gary is now also a father of two, sharing lots of parent-related content on his social media, particularly the ups and downs of parenthood. With Gary’s experience in content creation and his variety of content, he is the ideal choice if you’re in need of male lifestyle influencers, UK based and well-established, with incredibly large and loyal followings.


Dami Hope 

After appearing in the 2022 series of Love Island, Dami earned lots of online popularity. Before villa life, Dami was a senior microbiologist, but now he thrives on social media. Dami is a well-established influencer and posts lots of fashion content, sharing his favourite looks and trends and his passion for street style. 

Dami is also popular on TikTok, with fun, humorous and entertaining videos, letting his personality shine through that we all loved seeing on our screens over the summer. He also posts pictures with Love Island girlfriend Indiyah Polack, as well as featuring her in his YouTube vlogs. With the success of Love Island influencers always growing, Dami would be a brilliant choice for your marketing campaign! 


James Haskell 

Successful sportsman, James Haskell, is a former rugby union player. He’s represented England in a number of divisions and world cups, and has progressed his passion for health and fitness with his own brand, James Haskell Health and Fitness, with several health and nutrition books.

Since his rugby career, James has signed with Bellator MMA as part of their heavyweight division. James’ talents don’t stop there, as he’s also entered the music industry to explore his passion for music, training as a DJ, and he’s had a television appearance on popular show I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! With such an impressive career, James does not only fit into the category of well-known rugby influencers, but also varying categories of male influencers!


Jordan Hames 

Jordan Hames ruffled some feathers on the 2019 series of Love Island, showing his confident and playful personality. Since leaving the villa, Jordan has earned high levels of popularity on social media, regularly posting and sharing content with his followers.

His content focusses on fashion, sharing his alternative, extravagant outfits where he’s not afraid to mix femininity and masculinity together. He also posts snaps of red carpet looks and his catwalk pieces – since his time in the villa, Jordan has definitely developed into a well-established influencer, finding his niche! 


Logan Paul

Social media sensation, Logan Paul, has dominated YouTube with his videos, earning great success from his content. Ranging from lifestyle vlogs, pranks, challenges, comedy sketches and more, Logan has earnt millions of subscribers as a result.

Having also entered the sporting world, Logan trained as an amateur boxer in which he fought rival YouTube personality KSI. Logan has also featured in several well-known television series and films, including Law & Order and The Thinning. Whether you’re in search of boxing influencers or male YouTube influencers who are popular online with varied content, Logan would be a perfect choice! 


Curis Pritchard 

Curtis Pritchard has appeared on our screens on multiple occasions. He entered the Love Island villa and became a popular favourite with viewers, finishing fourth. Also a professional ballroom dancer, Curtis has also starred in Dancing With The Stars.

Having collaborated with brother AJ, the pair went on a tour called AJ & Curtis’ Big Night Out, and they also have their own podcast together. Curtis’ television appearances don’t stop there, as he’s also been a contestant on SAS: Who Dares Wins and Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion. As such a versatile and well-known social media and television personality, Curtis is one of the best male influencers to boost your brand! 



Jimmy Donaldson, known online as MrBeast, is an American YouTube sensation. He started posting on YouTube at the age of 13 and has been growing his fanbase ever since. Now, he posts lots of stunt-driven content, donating lots to charity in the process.

Jimmy’s charitable nature doesn’t stop there, as he’s created fundraisers to help fund the planting of over 20,000,000 trees! With millions of views on his videos, Jimmy is undoubtedly a very popular influencer, and he even posts behind the scenes content of his videos over on his Instagram. If you are in search of American male influencers for your marketing campaign, MrBeast would be a fine option with his loyal fanbase and high-quality content!

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