Whether you started listening to podcasts during lockdown, or you’ve always been a keen podcast fan, there are endless topics and conversations to be had that are recorded for our very own entertainment.

You may prefer motivational content, education topics, or light-hearted advice driven conversations – whatever you like, there’s a podcast out there for you.

It’s become increasingly popular for influencers to jump behind the microphone and record their own podcasts, and they have become a hit with fans. 

Now, podcasts are a powerful tool for influencer marketing, with receiving so much popularity and having such a strong human element and personal touch. 

If you’re wondering how to find a podcast influencer to work with, we have collated the best influencers with podcasts to show you what you can listen to and who you can work with... 

1. The Diary of a CEO – Steven Bartlett

Businessman and influencer, Steven Bartlett, is the incredibly successful and ground-breaking CEO who has become an author, podcaster, and even the youngest Dragon to appear on Dragon’s Den. 

His podcast discusses what goes on behind the scenes in the life of an entrepreneur, sharing what goes on in his intense world. As a motivational speaker and businessman, these insights may appeal to a like-minded audience juggling a busy schedule and wanting to relate to others or find some tips and tricks. 

2. Impaulsive - Logan Paul

Logan Paul is the YouTube phenomenon, known for his crazy and entertaining videos, as well as being signed to WWE as a professional wrestler. His podcast, Impaulsive, continues this outrageous streak and provides listeners with discussions and gossip around the latest influencer news. 

Logan Paul hosts this with George Janko and Mike Majlak and usually with a guest on each episode. You can expect to be laughing along to their crazy conversations when listening to Impaulsive. If you’re looking for YouTuber podcasts, this one’s for you. 

3. The Girls Bathroom – Sophia and Cinzia

YouTubers Sophia and Cinzia have created the majorly popular podcast, The Girls Bathroom. The two friends talk about listeners’ queries, ranging from all things ‘girl talk’. They discuss relationships, friendships, work and finances, and sometimes have guest appearances such as from the likes of Jamie Laing and The Persian Babe.

The conversational and light-hearted tone offers a podcast of easy listening, and with such a loyal fanbase it makes for a perfect influencer marketing podcast to target young women.

4. Happy Mum Happy Baby – Giovanna Fletcher

The author, actress, television presenter and winner of series 20 of I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! is Giovanna Fletcher. The mother of three has her own podcast, Happy Mum Happy Baby, and discusses parenthood in an open and honest way.

The podcast provides listeners with conversations between Giovanna and other high-profile mums and dads and aims to highlight that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. For parents looking for support and advice, this podcast would be the perfect option. If your brand is looking to target parents, this would be a great place to start, and we have a plethora of parenting influencers to collaborate with to boost your brand campaign in the right direction.

5. Call Her Daddy – Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper has been described as arguably the most successful woman in podcasting, with her hit dating and sex advice podcast Call Her Daddy – which has also been stated as the most listened to podcast by women on Spotify. 

The success of the podcast has risen from its unfiltered and raw discussions, acting as the big sister for millions of women. The podcast has grown, along with its content, which now also discusses matters like mental health and female empowerment. For a brand looking to boost its brand campaign to young women, this would act as an ideal influencer marketing podcast. 

6. NearlyWeds – Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo

The couple preparing their own wedding day are Made In Chelsea stars Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo, and their podcast NearlyWeds talks about everything ‘wedmin’. The combination of wedding planning and comedy creates a range of topics of conversation, with the couple infectiously laughing every episode. 

For a podcast to enjoy as light entertainment or to listen to as a fellow wedding planner, NearlyWeds is a great comedy podcast to help your brand target young adults, particularly with two well-known influencers as the hosts.

7. Wednesdays We Drink Wine – Sophie Habboo and Melissa Tattam

Friends Melissa and Sophie host the podcast Wednesdays We Drink Wine, having a ‘girly’ chat over a glass of wine. Listeners send in dilemmas and Sophie and Melissa discuss them and offer advice, and occasionally have special guests to assist them along the way.

The easy-listening and comedic nature of the podcast makes for fun content that appeals to young women – perfect for your brand campaign to target your ideal audience through influencers with podcasts.

8. My Therapist Ghosted Me – Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally

The open and honest podcast about various issues is My Therapist Ghosted Me, hosted by Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally. The title comes from the true story of Joanne’s therapist ignoring her calls and refusing to see her at the clinic, and now Joanne has turned to the best form of therapy –friendship and laughter! 

Through discussing each other’s deep-rooted issues and unique quirks, as well as inviting listeners to share their own, this podcast comes in the form of hilariously delivered truths and advice, racking up 2.5 million listeners a month.

9. Saving Grace – GK Barry

TikTok sensation GK Barry has recently taken to podcasting, interviewing various influencers and celebrities and having unfiltered conversations, revealing as much gossip as possible. Grace shares her own embarrassing stories and accounts from university life, adding to the chaos of the podcast. 

The conversational and easy tone mixed with the laughter and fun that Grace and her guests have is a joy to listen to, particularly if you’re a fan of insider gossip. With a popular influencer as the host who’s joined by other celebrities and influencers, this podcast is a perfect place to target young people who are also active social media users.

10. Sh**ged Married Annoyed – Chris and Rosie Ramsey

Comedian and presenter Chris Ramsey and actress and presenter Rosie Ramsey join forces to host the podcast Sh**ged Married Annoyed, answering questions from the public and chatting about relationships, arguments, parenting and more. 

The weekly podcast allows for a fun, open chat about general life, and the married couple are a popular pair to invite listeners to their podcast. It proves to be a great podcast with its celebrity hosts, ideal for brands looking to boost their campaigns.

If you’re a brand wanting to work with any of these podcasts or influencers, contact us today and we can help you discover the perfect influencer for your brand campaign!

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