YouTube is renowned for having created such symbolic friendships within the online world. From the very beginning, social media users fell in love with not just influencers, but entire friendship groups, too. And that hasn’t changed. 

There’s just something so sweet yet impactful when it comes to best friend YouTubers and influencers. Individually, they pack quite the punch, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. 

From Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee to Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan, best friend YouTubers have been around since YouTube first began. However now, we are beginning to see this across a multitude of different platforms. 

What’s more effective than just one influencer? Two! With hugely loyal followers and a genuine bond and relationship, best friend influencers are an ideal way for brands to boost sales, raise brand awareness and promote their product or service. 

So, to help you in your search, here are some of our favourite best friend influencers... 

1. Mark Ferris and Zoe Sugg

Image source: YouTube

Mark and Zoe are the ultimate best friend YouTubers. Zoe began her online journey 10 years ago and Mark followed suit, and it wasn’t long before the two met for the very first time, becoming BFFs.

Whilst Zoe is renowned for beauty, fashion and lifestyle related content, Mark is also recognised for sharing similar content, but also for his bubbly, outgoing and charismatic personality. Both are known for their sense of humour, but when together, fans can expect fits of giggles and hilarious vlogs. 

Documenting trips away, yearly traditions and fun challenges, Mark and Zoe are a force to be reckoned with.

With infectious laughs and an impressive number of followers between them, Mark and Zoe are a sure-fire way for brands to achieve significant results from an influencer marketing campaign.

2. Molly-Mae Hague and Maura Higgins 

Image source: Instagram 

Molly-Mae and Maura rose to fame on ITV’s hottest show Love Island. And, whilst they may not have seen eye to eye on the show, the girls are now the best of friends. 

Regularly seen holidaying and travelling with one another, Molly-Mae and Maura are two of the UK’s most popular influencers and have a combined following of almost six million on Instagram alone. 

Often documenting their adventures, Molly-Mae and Maura are also true style icons. Renowned within both the fashion and beauty industries, this duo is a tough act to follow. 

Continuing to rise in popularity, both girls are a huge hit with fans, making them the perfect match for future brand collaborations. 

3. Lydia Bright and Lucy Mecklenburgh

Image source: Instagram

Having met whilst filming one of the biggest reality shows of all time, The Only Way Is Essex, Lydia Bright and Lucy Mecklenburgh are popular lifestyle and parenting influencers. 

Experiencing life together, Lydia and Lucy have experienced girls' trips, parties, and everything in between together. And now, the two have embarked upon a brand-new journey, coincidentally at the same time – and that is motherhood

Going through weaning, first words and the ups and downs of parenting, Lydia and Lucy are both motivational and inspirational to women and parents everywhere. 

As well as sharing their new lives as parents, Lydia and Lucy continue to share their passions, including fashion, beauty, and health and fitness

With a pretty hefty number of followers between them, and a legion of loyal TOWIE fans continuing to follow their every move, Lydia and Lucy would work great for your next influencer marketing campaign. 

4. Saffron Barker and Anastasia Kingsnorth 

Image source: YouTube 

Alone, Saffron and Anastasia are recognised for their fun and bubbly personalities, regularly sharing their busy and glam lifestyle with fans. 

From fashion and beauty to health and fitness, Saffron and Anastasia are incredibly well-known in the realms of social media – and for good reason, too! 

With millions of followers between them and a highly engaged audience, Saffron and Anastasia make for the ideal best friend YouTubers for your brand’s next influencer marketing campaign. 

Together, they create hilarious challenges for YouTube and regularly appear on each other's Instagram feed. From shopping challenges and holidays to present swaps and switching diets, Saffron and Anastasia are the perfect combination of fun and impactful. 

5. Elle Darby and Carys Whittaker

Image source: YouTube 

Two besties that are going through life together. Think engagements, babies, homes – the lot! This pair have done it all together. 

Elle Darby and Carys Whittaker are two girls in their mid-twenties and are a hard act to follow. Often appearing on each other’s feeds and YouTube channels, the girls are renowned for their fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related content. 

With Carys having recently given birth to her first baby and Elle not too far behind, soon, they will both be documenting their experiences of first-time parenthood. 

Between them, Elle and Carys have a rather impressive following and a dedicated army of fans, making them an ideal match for future brand deals and collaborations. 

6. Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton

Image source: YouTube 

Lily and Anna are two of the UK’s OG influencers. Helping to shape the industry into what it is today, these two have been around since influencer marketing began. 

Growing up online, Lily and Anna have documented everything from weddings to holidays. And, beginning their YouTube channels to share their favourite beauty products and fashion pieces, Lily and Anna’s online careers have continued to go from strength to strength and branched into other topics, including lifestyle, food, and motherhood. 

Whilst Lily and Anna have separate audiences, they do share the same values, ethos, and interests as one another (and their followers). And this is what makes them such a great pairing – for both brands and potential consumers. 

Whilst Lily has shared her experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, Anna is about to embark upon the same journey as she is expecting her first child. 

Having travelled the world together and continuing to go through life together, brands that choose to work with both Lily and Anna are sure to see incredible results. 

7. Em Sheldon and Emily Canham

Image source: YouTube 

The ultimate duo that define all thing’s luxury! Em and Emily have been friends for years and continue to appear of each other's YouTube channels and Instagram feeds. 

Both are recognised for their love of fashion and beauty, and truly bond over their passions for shopping, adventure, and travel.

From girl chat Q&As to designer shopping hauls and holiday’s abroad, Em and Emily have attracted lots of loyal followers.

The girls often work together on brand deals and are two of the most successful influencers of today, making them a great match for brand’s seeking to boost their online presence. 

There we have it! Just a few of our favourite best friend YouTubers and influencers, and what a list, hey?! 

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