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About Zoe Sugg...

Zoe Sugg, best known by her online name Zoella, is a treasured media personality, entrepreneur, and author. Having begun her career as a Youtuber in 2009, she became an instant fan-favourite and has since amassed over 10 million subscribers.

After gaining over a thousand followers on her blog ‘Zoella’, Zoe turned to YouTube in 2009 under her original name ‘zoella280309’. Firstly the channel focuses on fashion, beauty hauls, and favourites videos, but has diversified to include a wide range of content over the years. Named as one of ‘Britain’s most influential tweeters’ by The Telegraph in 2013, she became an industry-leading influencer and gained the opportunity to become the first ‘digital ambassador’ for Mind, the mental health charity.

Keen to diversify her career, Zoe has created numerous product lines throughout her career, including Zoella Beauty, Zoella Lifestyle, and Sugg Life. Alongside this, she has also become the proud author of six best-selling books, including ‘Girl Online’ and ‘The Magpie Society’.

Admired for speaking openly about her career and personal struggles with mental health, Zoe has devoted her career to promoting the importance of an open conversation surrounding the topic of mental health. In 2018, she appeared on the Happy Place podcast, presented by Fearne Cotton, and discussed her career, anxiety, and her thoughts on social media. 

A leading authority in her field, Zoe has now gained over 10.7M subscribers on YouTube, 9.2M followers on Instagram, and 41K followers on TikTok to date. With over 15 years of professional media experience behind her, she is admired for the positive fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel content she shares with users online. As a widely respected figure throughout the social media industry, Zoe is the ideal influencer to work with when looking to grow and promote your brand.

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