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About Troye Sivan...

Troye Sivan is one of the most famous examples of how a flourishing YouTube career can lead to global stardom in other areas. Having begun to make his name posting his own renditions of some of the biggest hits in pop, he quickly moved into the exciting world of vlogging. In the years that followed, Troye caught the attention of millions of dedicated followers around the world, paving the way for his current status as one of the biggest superstars in music.

Troye's YouTube content won him significant popularity during the early stages of his career, offering audiences a wide array of challenges, stunts, tips and tricks and lifestyle vlogs. His fanbase took flight as a result, and he successfully grew an initial following of 27,000 subscribers in 2007 to a staggering 4 million subscribers nine years later.

His success on YouTube saw him collaborate with some of the platform's best-known personalities, many of whom still create content today. During this time, he worked with the likes of Tyler Oakley - a collaboration which helped both of them rack up millions of views.

Having shown musical promise from an early age, Troye experienced his first big break in music during the mid 2000s. He performed alongside Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian in 2006, laying the foundation for his later musical career. His debut release, Dare To Dream, followed soon after. The following release TRXYE featured his iconic track Happy Little Pill, which reached the very top of the iTunes charts soon after its release.

Since then, Troye has created a number of further musical releases, including Wild, Blue Neighbourhood and the 2018 album Bloom. Since then, Troye has collaborated with several of his fellow pop icons, including Ariana Grande and Martin Garrix. As if that weren't enough, Troye has successfully balanced his work as a social media influencer and music star with an acting career, having appeared in several films and series.

As a result of his global fame, Troye has often been called upon to take part in influencer marketing campaigns. As one of the best-known music influencers in the world today, his superstar status has seen him become ideally placed to strengthen brand awareness.

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