All influencers specialise in their own niche, and fitness influencers often provide the motivation and inspiration for people wanting to get into fitness, or progress in their fitness journey.

Influencers work across various platforms, and TikTok fitness influencers have become increasingly popular with their insightful snippets into exercises, techniques, and nutrition inspiration.

In fact, a lot of the top fitness influencers have an audience made up of mostly Gen Z, which is also referred to as Generation Active, who are popular users of social media platforms – as many as 94% of them use them!

This means, reaching a large audience is extremely achievable if you incorporate fitness influencers into your marketing efforts. Influencer marketing in general rose by 400% in the UK from 2016 to 2021, showing how it has become an incredibly useful and sought-after marketing tool.

So, if your brand is in search of a marketing refresh, and you specialise in fitness or want to target a specific audience through wellness influencers, then fitness influencers, UK-based, popular and engaging, might be the perfect option for you!

Here are some of the top fitness influencers who could greatly benefit and promote your brand!

Tom Daley

The nation’s favourite diver, Tom Daley, started competing at the impressive age of 14, and was Britain's youngest ever competitor at the Olympics! He’s since won countless medals, as well as competed in three different Olympics, and shares a range of fitness content on his social media.

Famous fitness influencers, like Tom Daley, prove to be incredibly popular role models, but Tom has let his career take an interesting turn through sharing his love for knitting and fashion on his Instagram, attracting an even wider audience.

Meggan Grubb

Meggan quickly became a popular fitness influencer after documenting her visits to the gym and learning about weightlifting and nutrition. Her relatable journey captured the hearts of viewers, and since studying for a personal trainer qualification, her fitness routines have become very successful.

The popularity has continually been on the rise for Meggan Grubb - YouTube in particular has earned her great engagement. On her Instagram, Meggan also shows off her more glamourous side with gorgeous selfies and fashion inspiration.

Joe Wicks

The energetic, heart-warming Joe Wicks is no stranger to appearing on our screens. He got the nation moving in lockdown with at-home workouts to follow, and with his award-winning app, The Body Coach app.

Joe also posts endless nutrition content on his social media, with easy-to-follow recipes – as well as his own cookbooks! With being such an all-rounder, from fitness to food, Joe is one of the wellness influencers that has established a strong, loyal following and continues to impress them and engage with them.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Rising to fame on TOWIE, Lucy has now become a popular parenting and health & fitness influencer. She shares lots of content about nutrition and fitness, and she owns the Results Wellness Lifestyle platform that provides fitness routines suitable for all ages and abilities.

Lucy is also a successful author, with her book Be Body Beautiful. Its aim is to empower readers to feel more body confident, trying to help with body positivity. Female fitness influencers are often popular for their range of content, too, with Lucy’s interior design posts proving to be popular with fans.

James Haskell

Rugby player, James Haskell, has had a long and successful career in the sporting world, playing for England. James also signed with Bellator MMA as part of their heavy weight division, and has since progressed further in his fitness career with his own brand, James Haskell Health and Fitness.

James also developed a large fan base after appearing on I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Allowing his personality to shine even more, James would be a top fitness influencer to boost your brand campaign to his large and loyal following.

Ellie Hoad

Ellie is a well-established health & fitness influencer, and her daily fitness routines, health tips and diet tricks always impress her followers. Her nutritious recipes focus on assisting muscle growth to build a strong, healthy physique, and she encourages a realistic diet plan that’s guilt-free!

Ellie has also built up a strong following on TikTok, posting content focused on ‘What I eat in a day’ along with fitness routines and progress updates. With her rise in popularity, Ellie has worked with some very impressive brands, proving her ability to support brand campaigns with sponsored posts and brand endorsements. So, if you’re in search of female fitness influencers, Ellie could be the perfect choice!

Gemma Atkinson

Actress Gemma Atkinson has appeared on our screens in various soap operas and reality TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing and I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! She has also authored books that focus on encouraging readers to lead a healthy lifestyle, with The Ultimate Body Plan and The Ultimate Body Plan for New Mums.

Since becoming a parent herself, Gemma has explored fitness with a new approach that focussed on exercising whilst pregnant, as well as exercising as a new mum. With her celebrity status and niche content that has targeted a specific audience, Gemma would be perfect for your brand campaign!

Davina McCall

Massive TV personality, Davina McCall, has progressed into the world of fitness, releasing her own workout DVDs and creating the online gym, Own Your Goals Davina, that provides access to a workout and meal planner, as well as recipes and online classes.

Davina is now a role model to older women looking to lead a healthier lifestyle in particular, sharing both fitness routines and nutrition advice. With such a large following and a strong reputation for being a fitness influencer, Davina is an excellent choice for your next brand campaign!

Matt Does Fitness

Matt is the popular fitness influencer that documents his love for all things health & fitness, sharing daily vlogs on YouTube with various fitness challenges. He often shares workout videos that his followers can use, as well as progress updates of his own fitness journey.

UK-based fitness influencers who are dedicated purely to health can easily target a niche and elevate your brand campaign with a targeted and engaged audience – and Matt would be the perfect choice for this!

Adam Collard

Love Island contestant, Adam Collard, is a popular health & fitness influencer, sharing fitness tips on his YouTube channel and educating viewers on different routines, techniques, and programmes. His Instagram also shows his passion for fitness, with training videos and motivation.

Adam has also generated a large following from reality TV, and often shares posts related to fashion and travel, living a life of luxury – that’s also very aesthetic for his Instagram! With a range of content, a gym influencer such as Adam can also target his younger audience through varied content!

With such a range of health & fitness influencers, finding someone with the most suitable content and ideal target audience is definitely achievable – especially with the help of influencer matchmakers like ourselves!

Simply get in touch and we can help you find the perfect fitness influencer for your brand campaign!