This summer, male travel bloggers have seriously upped their game and are giving their thousands of followers major travel envy.

Male influencers are bursting onto the scene with their take on exactly what it is like to travel the world in 2019. With so many destinations to see, these travel bloggers are taking us along for the ride, showcasing the highs and lows of travel, adventure and cultural adjustment - from stunning sunsets to lost passports, all with refreshing candor.

So whether you’re in need of some inspiration when booking a trip abroad or simply looking enjoy looking at amazing pictures of the world, the following bloggers offer some of the best posts, advice and imagery available - showcasing the world through their eyes.

Here are the top 10 male travel bloggers you need to follow this summer - brace yourself for all of the holiday feels.

1 - Nomadic Matt

Blogger and New York Times bestselling author Matt documents his travel with a difference. Removed from the paid trips and glamorous Instagram presets of other bloggers, Matt presents solo world travel in realistic and practical terms.

Answering everything from ‘how do I find the money?’ to ‘where do I find the best travel deals?’ in his comprehensive and detailed blog, Matt will help any aspiring traveler to see the places they have always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Unlike many other travel websites, Matt declines all sponsorships and paid endorsements, so followers are guaranteed that the advice offered is both unbiased and from personal recommendation.

Having visited every big traveler destination and experienced both the good and the bad of immersion in other cultures, he is more than well versed to elaborate on every possible scenario, even ones that may not have been considered prior.

Whether planning the backpacking tour of a lifetime or just looking for inspiration for the next city break, be sure to check out his blog before booking your next summer break.

2 - Jay Alvarrez

With an Instagram profile to rival even the world’s biggest jetsetters, Jay Alvarrez is a 23-year-old male travel blogger and surfer with a lifestyle that most men can only dream of. From sunny LA to skydiving in Bora Bora, this adventurous travel influencer has seen it all.

His antics are a feast for the eyes with swoon-worthy scenery, beautiful women and spontaneous stories of off-the-cuff excursions. Combining his passion for photography, travel and modelling make for the perfect Instagram feed.

After rising to prominence on the travel blogging scene thanks to his summer video showing him travelling with his then-girlfriend Alexis Ren in tow, legions of followers have fallen in love with his nomadic lifestyle and easy-surfer outlook.

Follow Jay for a taste of living that most people will never get to experience, his Instagram profile will fill a void for those who yearn for the high life, but are unfortunately chained to a desk at present.

3- 2TravelDads

As the original LGBT family travel blog, husbands Chris and Rob have been together for over 13 years and have always had a love of travel. Nowadays, they have two kids but this hasn’t stopped them from seeing the world and documenting every step of the way.

Covering a wealth of ever-relevant topics, the pair are well positioned to advise on travelling with kids, travelling culturally as an LGBT couple, travelling on a budget and many other subjects that both have extensive experience of.

Breaking the mould of traditional solo travel, 2TravelDads are showing that you can travel the world with kids in tow.

If in need of inspiration of where to take the kids or even for advice on more sensitive matters such as where is safe to visit as a gay couple, 2 Travel Dads is well worth a follow.

4- The Travel Camel

Why not take the road less travelled with Shane Dallas? Travelling the world solo, Shane fully immerses himself into each destination, seeing the lives of locals, eating what they eat and staying where they stay. In his blog The Travel Camel, Shane showcases the philosophy that many places with inaccurate safety warnings or with minimal visits are often underappreciated gems.

Showing how to stay safe whilst enjoying many surprising countries that most wouldn’t consider travelling to, Shane advises on everything from insurance policies to not sticking out like a sore thumb culturally.

The blog is ideal for those who have exhausted the most popular holiday destinations or don’t wish to take the usual backpacker routes, instead suggesting exciting new destinations and hidden gems with personal recommendations on what to do and where to stay.

5- TheHoliDaze

As someone who travels for both his career and for pleasure, Derek Freal is better positioned to advise on global travel than most. Potentially the most random travel blog on the internet, Derek has done it all from appearing on Filipino TV to finding the most random museums in Budapest.

TheHoliDaze blog also contains an amusing ‘Don’t do what Derek did’ section to advise both novice and seasoned travelers on some of the travel mishaps that he has encountered both from experience and after witnessing, all retold with a comedic touch.

Having now been on the road for more than 10 years, Derek has guides for everything ranging from offbeat travel to backpacking and even booking the luxury trip of a lifetime all of which have been created from personal experience.

6- Do You Travel

Meet the carpet cleaner from Manchester who now travels the world accompanied by his girlfriend after they met in Fiji.

After buying a one-way ticket to Bangkok in his twenties, Jack’s blog is the perfect read for those who dream of packing in the 9-5 routine in search of a more nomadic and easier lifestyle.

In terms of visuals, his are some of the strongest on the internet with the blogger quickly gaining traction thanks to his stunning panoramic and wildlife shots.

Last year, Jack and partner Lauren set up base in Bali and began building their own house so they can return whenever they like. They are well placed to offer advice on the best eats and beauty spots that the area has to offer.

He also fills the blog with practical tips on travelling as a Caucasian male including how to not get scammed and easier ways to blend in culturally.

7- Dan Flying Solo

Ever wanted to see the entire world from the perspective of a professional photographer? Look no further than Dan Flying Solo! Simply put, his blog is a feast for the eyes and the perfect place to appreciate some wonderful travel photography.

More of a photographic journal than traditional blog, he specialises in emersion in local cultures and the people that make them, trying to showcase destinations from a less tourist based perspective.

It is evident from looking at the blog just how invested he is in getting to truly understand the locations he visits and the sense of importance that he upholds in trying to portray global traditional accurately.

A must read for those who want to better understand the world we live in or for males in need of some travel tips whilst planning their first solo adventure.

8 - Travels With A Kilt

If Scotland wasn’t on your bucket list beforehand it will be after reading Neil Robertson’s travel blog. As a proud Scotsman, he has visited destinations all over the world, but loves nothing more than writing about his homeland and the breathtaking scenery within it.

From walking routes of the world famous Highlands to tours of many of Scotland’s countless castles, Travels With A Kilt showcases the landscape in all of its technicolor glory. Alongside this, readers can find packed itinerary suggestions that have been put together with different demographics and interests in mind as well as a very thorough guide to Scottish filming locations – spoiler: there’s a lot!

A particularly good read for those with an interest in walking and the great outdoors, Neil is proof that nobody needs to venture to the other side of the world to discover world class scenery.

9 - Murad Osman (Follow me to)

Murad Osman is the man behind Instagram’s most famous hand. Together with wife Nataly, he has been shooting portraits as they travel the world together, where he is holding her hand as she leads them into different stunning locations.

It was only a couple of years ago that the Russian blogger decided to venture out and reveal himself as the other half and since then has become a fully fledged travel writer in his own right.

Even the most macho of men can get behind the sweet sentiment of discovering the world with the love of their life and Osman documents this in an endearing fashion.

Plus, having now been on the road for numerous years, the tips he dishes out are tried and tested implicitly.

10 - Becoming Filipino

Nowadays, this travel blogger has settled for the most part in one location (the title is a bit of a giveaway). However, his journey is an interesting one to follow nevertheless and especially for those who have always wanted to up sticks and relocate to a different part of the world.

As a Canadian by birth, Kyle travelled the world in atypically backpacker style before deciding that his heart belonged to the Philippines, settling down there permanently. However, that’s not to say that cultural adjustment has been easy.

Documenting the good, the bad and the ugly as well as a few close brushes with the law, Becoming Filipino offers a fascinating insight into what it’s truly like to relocate to somewhere where your ideas and beliefs are no longer the norm.

If scrolling through these blogs and Instagram accounts don’t give you holiday fever, we don’t know what will. So next time you’re in need of some trusty travel inspiration or a few minutes to escape to another world, be sure to check out these amazing influencers.

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