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About Jay Alvarrez...

With an Instagram profile to rival even the world’s biggest jetsetters, Jay Alvarrez is a male travel blogger, social media star and surfer with a lifestyle that most people can only dream of.

Originally from Hawaii, Jay is no stranger to beautiful locations, white sandy beaches and riding the ocean waves.

From sunny LA to skydiving in Bora Bora, this adventurous travel influencer is an extreme sports enthusiast.

His antics are enough to give us all a serious case of the green-eyed-monster, with swoon-worthy scenery and spontaneous stories of off-the-cuff excursions. Combining his passion for photography, travel and modelling make for the perfect Instagram feed.

After rising to fame on the travel blogging scene thanks to his documenting his travels with his then-girlfriend Alexis Ren in tow, legions of followers have fallen in love with his nomadic lifestyle and easy-surfer outlook.

Follow Jay for a taste of living that most people will never get to experience, his Instagram profile will fill a void for those who yearn for the high life, but are unfortunately chained to a desk at present.

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