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About Yasmine Camilla...

Yasmine Camilla is a rising social media star and having found her niche, particularly on TikTok, she is continuing to prove incredibly popular. 

Keen to show the world how to waste less, work less and travel more, Yasmine has a large and loyal following across both Instagram and TikTok. 

On Instagram, Yasmine’s feed is filled with sunny snaps from trips away with her children, as well as glamorous outfit shots. Using the platform to document her days and adventurous lifestyle, Yasmine has followers from all walks of life. 

Her content on TikTok is somewhat different as she uses this platform to discuss all things money and finance. Known as ‘Yasmine Talks Money’, the social media sensation has amassed more than one million likes for sharing her top tips for being savvy with money, inspiring others to live a life of financial freedom. 

Also encouraging her followers to embrace the skin they’re in, Yasmine uses her platform to promote a life of self-love and empowerment. 

Yasmine is a hit with both social media users and brands when it comes to lifestyle, travel, parenting and finance, making her the perfect partner for influencer marketing collaborations. 

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