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Venetia La Manna

About Venetia La Manna...

Venetia La Manna stands at the forefront of sustainable fashion advocacy. Not only is she a name to reckon with in the realm of fashion, but she is also a formidable force that challenges and calls out those who compromise ethical values for profit. With the weight of her influence on social media, Venetia ceaselessly challenges fashion brands that are harming the environment and puts a spotlight on retailers engaged in unethical practices. Her dedication is not just limited to pointing out the flaws; she is also deeply involved in crafting solutions. As the Co-Founder of "Remember Who Made Them", her objective is clear – to build a more cohesive fashion ecosystem by uplifting the voices and demands of those who make our garments.

Venetia's voice transcends digital platforms. In 2023, she ventured into the realm of broadcast, presenting "The Fast Furniture Fix" on BBC Radio 4. This endeavour further underscores her commitment to shedding light on the environmental and ethical challenges faced by various industries. Her insights are so sharp and profound that she caught the attention of mainstream television; she was featured in the Channel 4 documentary "Inside Shein". Renowned publications such as HUNGER and ELLE have highlighted her work, while her pen has graced the pages of Shado and The Independent.

Her background in television gives her an edge as both an experienced host and producer. This prowess led her to create the "All The Small Things" podcast, an enlightening series where she holds insightful conversations with experts on pressing issues tied to social and climate justice. Committing to her beliefs, Venetia redirects earnings from her podcasts and activism towards tackling pressing issues such as the textile-waste crisis and a fair living wage for global garment makers.

In a powerful move against fast fashion malpractices, Venetia joined hands with advocacy groups like Labour Behind the Label, Oh So Ethical and Stitched Up to protest against Missguided - a testament to her influence as a formidable advocate against the fast fashion industry, targeting the colossal businesses that contribute heavily to environmental degradation. Not just a sustainable fashion influencer; Venetia is a beacon of hope in a world grappling with fast fashion woes. Through her tireless advocacy, she reminds us all of the power of conscious choices and the immense potential of collective action.

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