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An inspiration to mums and travel enthusiasts alike, Travel Mad Mum mastermind Karen Edwards has established herself amongst the world’s top travel influencers. Passionate about her mission to show the world the many possibilities of travelling with kids, Karen’s platform provides a unique perspective on international travel.

Now, after spending some time living in an RV, Travel Mad Mum currently resides in luxurious Abu Dhabi with the rest of the Travel Mad family as she continues her career as a nursing director. However, always on the move, the family of six are set to move once again, to the beautiful land of Sri Lanka in December 2022.

Karen’s mission to explore the world began when she graduated from university. Travel played an important role in her life, and she has since gone on to visit 90 countries over the course of her travels. Initially, Karen believed her opportunity to travel would come to an end once her first daughter Esmé was born. Nothing could be further from the truth as Karen continued to travel and now her platform Travel Mad Mum has inspired a global audience of travel mad mums ever since.

Continuing to visit destinations all over the world with her baby twins Ferne and Fíonn, daughter Esmé, her son Quinn and her husband Shaun, Karen’s family has experienced all the highs and lows of travel. From the exciting road trips to the long-haul flights, her platform offers an insight into a life travelling with children. Karen’s blog has unsurprisingly taken off and now the platform is home to a community of travel mad parents who each share their own experiences and ideas.

Travel Mad Mum has since become somewhat of an internet phenomenon! Having built up thousands of followers across a number of social media platforms, Karen’s dedicated audience loves to check in with her travels. For this reason, Karen has enjoyed great success as a social media influencer, using her platform to educate and inspire other travelling families.

From product reviews to travel blogs and everything in between, Travel Mad Mum has become the go-to place for parents looking for tips and tricks on how to travel with children. Karen has become a desirable influencer to work with and has already worked alongside a plethora of brands as part of their influencer marketing campaigns.

With a vast array of online followers, brands and media outlets behind her, Karen is the perfect travel influencer to help boost your brand to a highly engaging and loyal audience.

To collaborate with Travel Mad Mum or to find out more about how lifestyle, travel and parenting influencers can impact your brand’s latest marketing and social media campaigns, contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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