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Dietetics student Charlie Watson has been making strides in the world of running, active travel, healthy living and active travel.

The mastermind behind The Runner Beans blog, Charlie is passionate about making running accessible to all. Stressing the fact that she doesn't see herself as a natural runner, Charlie helps to inspire regular people in pursuit of their fitness goals.

Through her website, dietitian-to-be Charlie regularly treats her legion of fans with a diverse range of high-quality content, which includes workout tips, advice for runners, healthy recipes and fitness class reviews.

Charlie also provides her followers with insight into her very own fitness exploits, detailing her participation in hikes and marathons over the world. Due to her varied content and natural appeal, Charlie has been able to grow a dedicated online following, positioning herself as the ideal collaborator on a variety of influencer marketing campaigns.

Demonstrating that the joys of physical and mental wellness are worth the hard work that come with them, Charlie's honest and open approach has helped her establish an authentic connection with her followers. Playing a crucial role in changing the idea that marathons can only be run by those at the peak of their physical fitness, Charlie sees herself as living proof that a regular girl can go on to excel in physical activity.

Since completing her very first marathon back in 2012, Charlie has gone on to become a role model for runners and fitness-conscious fans all over the world. She has since completed a string of notable marathons, including the Boston Marathon, the London Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, the Paris Marathon and the New York City Marathon. Detailing her running experiences through her blogs, Charlie has been able to motivate countless fans in achieving their own sporting ambitions.

Charlie's unquestionable influence and down-to-earth personality have helped inspire a wide array of fans to put on their running shoes and push their limits. Her goal isn't to promote all work and no play, however. Her commitment to promoting healthy living without missing out on the fun has proven to be immensely popular with audiences both within the country and beyond, ensuring her future as one of the brightest stars in the world of fitness influencers.

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