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Being amongst one of the most popular lifestyle and travel influencers on social media platforms, Tania B is taking her digital presence to new destinations with every Instagram post. From London to Seville and from China to The Philippines, Tania takes her followers on exciting journeys around the globe as she posts her exotic adventures across her social media channels, whilst her prominence as a fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencer continues to grow.

Tania uses Instagram as her main platform for fashion photography as well as travel posts. Using her social media as her personal travel blog, she allows followers to sneak a peek into her exciting life as she offers travel guides and tips for fellow aspiring adventurers. Alongside this, she dedicates her very own blog 21 Buttons to sharing her outfits and fashion tips with the public, allowing her fans to ‘shop her look’ and gain inspiration from her unique style. Both her Instagram and blog implement an artistic approach to fashion, lifestyle and travel content as she incorporates vibrant colours with scenic backgrounds in effortless shots.

Both her Instagram and blog implement an artistic approach to fashion, lifestyle and travel content; her photographs capture the most vibrant colours and scenic backgrounds as she takes us down serene rivers and cobbled alleyways. Feeling as though you are going through journeys with her, Tania keeps followers engaged in her excursions as she updates her day to day life with another post from her favourite place with tips and recommendations for fellow travel enthusiasts and tourists who follow her footsteps around the globe.

While she doesn’t stick to one particular signature look, Tania experiments with an array of different styles as she incorporates both casual and chic dress throughout her posts. Experimenting with both nude shades and soft hues, as well as bold colours and eye-catching patterns, she delivers a series of outfits that attract more than one audience. From stylish casual wear, dazzling dresses, smart chic, swimwear, gym wear and travel outfits - she demonstrates the endless options of making travelling fashionable, assorting travel bags with charming dresses and seasonal outfits.

As a self-described ‘spiritual’ character, Tania is not afraid to establish an honest and open relationship with her followers as she confidently speaks out about important issues such as anxiety and mental health. Sharing her own personal experiences, she encourages fans to be open whilst teaching them how to maintain a positive outlook - in this way, she keeps fans engaged in her personal life whilst retaining an authentic bond.

Tania’s strong social media presence has enabled her to eagerly collaborate with brands through strategic digital marketing. Through a series of sponsored posts, brand endorsements or product promotions, she’s successfully collaborated with globally renowned businesses such as Haig Club, Foreo, Guess, Kiehls, Debenhams, PureLeaf, Oral B, and Davines.

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