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About Talk Becky Talk...

Becky Sheeran is a top YouTube vlogger and social media influencer who shares content relating to ‘all things beauty, lifestyle, and wellness… from self-care routines to makeup tutorials to tags and hauls’. Having such a diverse reach within the influencing industry, she has accumulated over 213k followers across her social media channels as well as an impressive 22 million views across her YouTube videos.

Becky’s channel, Talk Becky Talk, features a series of vlogs and personal lifestyle videos as well as informative content relating to fashion, beauty and self-care. Keeping her content engaging and light-hearted, she frequently shares stories of her experiences in videos such as ‘Life and Health Updates Vlog’, ‘Living With Coeliac’, ‘A Day in My Life’, and more. She also posts interesting and informative ‘life hack’ videos such as ‘How To Get Married For Under $1000’, ‘How To Grow Hair Faster’ and ‘Beauty Hacks That Every Broke Girl Should Know’. She establishes an open and honest relationship with her fans through sharing personal stories, allowing them to get to know the influencer a little bit more than surface level as well as learn from her experiences and advice.

Becky often takes to Instagram to keep in touch with fans and post content related to her day to day life and activities. Showing an interest in interior and home decor, she frequently posts pictures of her favourite furniture or videos where she gives tours of her house. She also expresses her love for travelling through sharing pictures of her travels to exotic islands with serene beaches and jaw-dropping landscapes.

Becky partners with a variety of different brands who share similar business interests as the popular influencer. Having worked with organisations such as Bills, Impress Nails, Voucher Cloud, Olay and Yesto, she becomes a loyal brand partner and advocate for brands who sponsor her promoted content across her social media sites. Due to her diverse interests and collaborative experience, Becky is the ideal partner for digital marketing strategies and online influencing.

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