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Susie Verrill is a popular social media influencer, sharing creative content about all thing’s fashion, lifestyle, and parenting. 

After working as a social media and features editor for magazines, Susie ventured into the world of influencing and started up her very own blog. 

Now focusing on Instagram, Susie uses the platform to share her life experiences and documented her honest journey throughout pregnancy and parenthood. As a mother of two and currently pregnant with her third, Susie and her partner Greg Rutherford are a well-loved couple across social media. 

Often sharing her love for fashion with her favourite outfits in a series of stylish photos on Instagram, Susie can pair together an outfit for every occasion and outing. She regularly shares her must-have makeup and beauty products, too. 

Susie also showcases home décor updates and renovations as well as documenting family holidays and travels to destinations including Arizona and France. Always out and about, Susie and her family are lovers of the great outdoors and can often be found exploring their local woodlands and greenery.

Positive yet honest and authentic, Susie and her feed are a breath of fresh air for all parents and mums-to-be. 

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