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Run by popular social media influencer Sean Webster, Sug Sean is an online platform dedicated to sharing content around menswear, fashion, grooming, and lifestyle. With over thousands of followers across his social media channels, Sean is an upcoming influencer who provides a useful and engaging space for people to gather tips and advice about mens’ lifestyle and fashion.

With discussions relating to fashion, food, travel, automotive and more, his blog covers everything to do with lifestyle for the modern man. Posting blogs such as ‘Topshop Has Gone Vegan!’, ‘Career Progress: Industries Worth Getting Involved In’ and ‘Easy Ways To Boost Your Own Body Confidence’, he tackles prevalent topics within today’s society. His interests range from sustainability and careers to body image, allowing the blog to diverge from the typical men’s lifestyle blog whilst becoming a platform for popular discussions and informative advice.

Sean has a strong presence on both his blog and on Instagram. Emitting an artsy energy, his Instagram page presents itself as an illustrative gallery of photographs; with charming landscapes, vibrant scenery and colour coordinated outfits, he creates a virtual studio that is both visually attractive and representative of the influencer’s aesthetic. As well as sharing inspiration and advice on men’s fashion and grooming, his Instagram page showcases various travelling experiences as he posts pictures of himself surrounded by the scenic skies of Berlin and the warm jungles of Bali.

Having a strong online presence, Sean utilises his ever-growing following to engage in effective marketing strategies for the brand and companies that he collaborates with. To date, he has worked with the likes of Heineken, Daniel Wellington, and Primark through a series of sponsored posts and product promotions. Sean also collaborates with brands on his blog, where he often shares product reviews with his followers.

Passionate about showing support for causes close to his heart, Sean shares his ideas about human rights and the environment; he voluntarily endorses campaigns and supports hashtags such as #PassOnPlastics and expresses his views on women’s voting rights in Asia. Sean’s diverse interests makes him stand out of the influencer crowd, as he is quick and confident to share his thoughts on a variety of topics across his social media platforms whilst being able to collaborate with brands of varying industries.

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