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About Spencer Elmer...

Known online as Elmo Films, Spencer Elmer began his journey into YouTube in 2013 by opening FIFA 15 packs. Over time, his channel has progressed and now shares a variety of content including vlogs, reactions, fashion, and challenge videos. 

From an early age, he was passionate about becoming an influencer, and the Internet, as well as social media, has allowed him to continue a career in exactly that. 

On Instagram, he shows what he is currently up to as well as outfits, highlighting his love of fashion. 

Spencer was also part of the creator house on TikTok known as ‘Wave House.’ Gaining momentum almost immediately, the account currently stands at over 3.8 million followers, with him and his friends creating fun and elaborate videos. 

Passionate about fashion, Spencer's Instagram feed is filled with OOTD’s and fashion shots. Continuing to share his interest in fashion, Spencer has a dedicated Instagram account for his role as an ASOS Insider.

As well as this, Spencer documents his busy lifestyle, sharing images from his travels around the world and documenting what he gets up to with friends and family. 

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