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About Sophia Esperanza...

Sophia Esperanza has carved out a distinctive niche for herself as a social media influencer who combines her advocacy for animal rights and sustainable living with her expertise in farming and content creation. Initially stepping into the public eye as a model, Sophia has skillfully transitioned her career to align more closely with her personal values and passion for the environment.

Central to her influence is the founding of 'Elbows on the Table', an online platform dedicated to plant-centric recipes that encourage a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Her commitment to sustainability extends beyond her culinary endeavours. Alongside her husband, Petrice Jones, she launched 'Test of Time Vintage', a venture that promotes sustainable fashion through vintage finds, reinforcing the idea that personal style and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand.

Sophia's journey into biodynamic, regenerative, and organic farming is another facet of her commitment to sustainability. She actively shares her experiences and the knowledge she gains through her YouTube channel, where she documents her evolution into what she describes as an Earth Steward. This platform not only serves as a diary of her farming adventures but also as an educational resource for her followers, demonstrating practical steps towards more sustainable living.

As an influencer, Sophia's message is potent and clear: she challenges societal norms and cultural expectations, urging her audience to rethink their lifestyle choices in favour of more sustainable options. Her advocacy extends to her personal life as well, evident in her choice to drive an electric vehicle (EV), further showcasing her dedication to reducing her carbon footprint.

Sophia Esperanza is more than just a social media influencer; she is a visionary who uses her platform to inspire change and promote a lifestyle that is in harmony with the planet. Her work is a testament to her belief that true freedom comes from living authentically and sustainably, in tune with our planet's needs and our inner values.

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