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As a self-taught cook, Mandy created her social media pages Simply Food By Mandy to help others create simple yet nutritious and delicious meals that are also easy to make.

Before beginning her career in food, Mandy was a professional dancer and travelled the world as a performer.

Growing up with parents who are both excellent cooks, it is no wonder that Mandy has become somewhat of a culinary expert. Having developed a passion for flavour at a young age, Mandy has always found joy from people trying her recipes.

With a shift in the way people are eating, it is becoming more important that we fuel ourselves with the right foods - which is exactly where Mandy comes in. Explaining that people are now more aware of looking after the planet as well as themselves, veganism is becoming much more prominent, prompting Mandy to regularly post vegan and vegetarian recipes to her thousands of followers.

Aiming to create and share simple and easily accessible recipes, Mandy’s meals are perfect for busy mums and dads, fussy eaters and those who are on a budget!

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