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About Shani Grimmond...

Australian beauty expert Shani Grimmond has successfully turned her passion for makeup and cosmetics into a rewarding career as a beauty influencer. Since launching her YouTube back in 2011, she has endeared herself to countless fans around the globe.

Shani's passion for virtually every aspect of beauty has helped her offer a wide range of content across numerous social media channels. Delivering makeup tutorials, product reviews, Q&As, fashion hauls and more, her platform has become a digital meeting ground for those wanting to learn more about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and more.

Having attracted significant attention in the digital landscape, Shani's popularity is mirrored in the extent and dedication of her international fanbase. Her follower count has surpassed the one million mark, significantly strengthening her online reach. Followers love to check in on her latest content - and Shani is always busy finding new ways to entertain her loyal fans.

As a result of her popularity, Shani has become a valuable partner in influencer marketing campaigns. The ideal match for beauty, cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle brands looking to appeal to a vast target audience, Shani has successfully created her very own social media empire. Her product endorsements have proven to be incredibly influential, helping her to shape the success of any brand she works with.

Shani's entrepreneurial spirit has seen her branch out into many different areas. She has developed her very own merchandise and clothing line, SG The Label, which has proven to be a significant commercial success. Her work has also seen her enjoy brand vacations in several locations around the world, touching down in destinations such as London and the Maldives.

Aside from being a popular social media influencer, Shani in many ways represents your average young adult. For this reason, she has been able to establish an authentic connection with her followers, many of whom are young adults themselves. Her mix of content continually keeps followers engaged, showing her rare talent for holding the public's attention and keeping it.

Having achieved so much at a relatively early age, Shani's future career will likely continue to soar to new heights. As one of the most popular influencers ever to have come out of Australia, it's no surprise that her brand has gone global.

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