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About Sammy Robinson...

Sammy Robinson is an Australian beauty influencer who has quickly risen to social media stardom. Sharing hair and makeup related content on her YouTube and Instagram accounts, Sammy has accumulated thousands of followers and it’s easy to see why.

Considered one of Australia’s most influential social media stars, Sammy is passionate about beauty and regularly shares both vlog and sit down-style videos to share her tips, tricks and tutorials with her impressive fan base.

One of her most popular videos, and the video that saw her follower count rise, was ‘Gigi Hadid VMA's Makeup Look’ tutorial. As Sammy is often compared to the world-famous model, it comes as no surprise that this video performed as well as it did!

With her bubbly and youthful personality, Sammy has not only been able to steal the hearts of thousands of followers across the world, but has also worked with a range of prestigious brands in the fashion and beauty industries.

Posting videos twice a week on her self-titled YouTube channel, as well as regularly taking to Instagram to share stunning travel photos and gorgeous outfits, Sammy keeps her audience regularly engaged and entertained with fresh content.

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