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About Samira Mighty...

Samira Mighty featured on the popular reality series Love Island, where she made her debut as a television star and soon became a popular social media influencer.

Previous to her involvement in television, Samira was involved in theatre and performing arts, having played roles in several West End performances including musicals Mamma Mia!, Dreamgirls as well as Beauty and the Beast in 2017. Throughout her experience she worked alongside co-stars Brennyn Lark, Marisha Wallace, and Kimmy Edwards. Her expertise in drama has led her to have a successful career in television and even securing an invitation to attend the National Television Awards.

Deciding to share her talent and passion for musical arts online, Samira later launched her own YouTube channel, posting covers of songs by world-famous artists such as Christina Aguilera and Cheetah Girls.

Wanting to move forward with her career, Samira decided to step away from theatre and steer her path towards reality television and becoming a successful fashion influencer. It is with this desire that she embarked on her journey into reality television and later grew an online following that reached thousands across popular social media platforms.

Samira’s talent proves to be multi-faceted as she involves herself with some of the UK’s most renowned brands and labels. As her online profile and presence has grown, she has been chosen to promote a range of products by the likes of popular clothing brand Missy Empire. Whilst remaining a loyal partner to the company, her fashion interests expand with her connections with several other companies such as Lasula, Iconic London, Vivichi and Boohoo.

Samira continues to show support various companies on her Instagram ranging from Impulse fragrances, make-up company The Quick Flick on their new and upcoming products and hospitality organisation Neighbourhood Restaurants. Broadening her scope, she has established a partnership with media app TikTok - a short video platform used predominantly by young people and teenagers - to promote both fashion and the app itself.

Her impressive following of 1 million on Instagram continues to grow as she progresses her influential role within the fashion, beauty and television industry. Samira displays a dedicated attitude to being a social media influencer, keeping fans and followers up to date with her latest projects and partnerships.

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