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A perfect blend of confident, fiery, smart, ambitious and extremely influential - it’s the celebrity fashion influencersocial media icon, solicitor and Love Islander Rosie Williams. Rosie has showcased a broad history of achievement ranging from academic to commercial success prior to her emergence within the public spotlight.

This has lead to growth and prosperity within the fashion industry as an upcoming model and beauty influencer. Her hard-working nature derives from her experience working 18-hour sleepless shifts at a firm, to now collaborating with some of the UK’s biggest brands and promoting her own projects in liaison with these companies.

Having put her aspirations as a lawyer on hold to focus on her passion for fashion, she has certainly continued her successful path within the commercial world as a reality superstar and beauty icon. After leaving the senior courts of England and Wales in March 2018, Rosie appeared on Love Island. The star is a well-rounded individual who is able to utilise her multifaceted talents to thrive in multiple industries.

Her staggering follower count of 821k shows promise to soon hit 1 million due to her collaborations with nationally and globally renowned fashion brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, Missy Empire, Katch Me and Abbott Lyon. Additionally, she has appeared on her social media pages to promote fellow influencer’s collaborations with clothing lines, congratulating celebrity influencer Hayley Hughes on launching her clothing collection with Lasula.

Aside from her dedication to the fashion industry, she has been involved with companies such as Echo Falls, as well as promoting health & fitness on a series of posts on her social media channels. Her involvement with HeySilkySkin shows her capability to expand her interests within the fashion and beauty industry as she delivers skincare tips and product reviews from the company to her loyal fanbase.

Rosie Williams offers more than just expertise within one industry. Having found ultimate success in fashion, beauty, skincare, television and law - this popular influencer is a multi-talented asset to any company or project she contributes towards.

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