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Rayer is a British fashion and lifestyle influencer who has established a strong following on Instagram. By sharing his fashionable insight and documenting his life experiences he connect with fans across the world and is now one the biggest male fashion bloggers

Rayer is often associated with his partner Nurce Erben, a top social media influencer and the author of popular blog London Fashion Story. Together, the pair take work on number of exciting fashion-related projects and have formed my successful brand partnerships. As a leading fashion influencer, his content and style can ranger from casual street wear, to sportswear and formalwear. His influence reaches across to both men and women of different ages as he displays his favourite looks from various fashion events and keeps up to date with the industry, regularly posting his favourite seasonal looks.

As well as fashion, Rayer takes to social media to record his travel experiences as he ventures across Europe in exciting excursions. As well as this, the influencer provides his followers with unboxing videos on his Instagram story highlights, promoting different brands and products. His influence online has lead him to become a partner of multiple brands and businesses whom he endorses through sponsored posts across his social media. To date, he has worked with the likes of Primark, Larsson Jennings and Footasylum in promoting their clothing items and products.

Diverging from fashion and lifestyle, he has also collaborated with health brands such as OG Science + Wellbeing in endorsing healthy supplements and promoting the first supplement to release the full power of Omega-3. In this way, he not only becomes an attractive partner for fashion brands, but also engages in a varied array of work with multiple businesses from different sectors. His ability to become a versatile influencer makes him the ideal business partner for brand collaborations, endorsement campaigns, and social media marketing.

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