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Patricia Bright

About Patricia Bright...

Patricia Bright is one of the most sought-after beauty influencers online and with over 4 million subscribers from Instagram and YouTube alone, it is no surprise.

Since posting her first video to YouTube in 2010, Patricia’s career has continued to blossom, going from strength to strength.

Focusing on beauty and fashion, Patricia’s YouTube channel and Instagram account is full of stylish outfits and creative makeup looks. Documenting all other aspects of her life including parentingtravel and lifestyle, Patricia has fans flocking in from all around the world to engage with her swoon-worthy photos and videos.

As well as a social media influencer, Patricia Bright is the founder of The Break, a 9-week online course for aspiring creatives, content creators and business owners who are looking to monetise their online platforms.

Over the years, Patricia has collaborated with a number of brands and even has her very own collection with high-street makeup brand, Makeup Revolution.

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