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About Olly 'Blogs' Harrison...

Olly Harrison is a shining example of how passion, creativity, and a strong work ethic can lead to success in the digital age. As the dynamic force behind a popular YouTube channel, Olly has carved out a niche for himself as a talented blogger and social media influencer, focusing on the agricultural industry. His daily videos, which began during the lockdown, offer viewers an authentic look into the life of farming, combining real-world challenges and triumphs with a sense of humour and tales of diversification to support his passion for machinery and tractors.

With an online following of over 350K across various social platforms, including 110K YouTube subscribers, Olly's content has struck a chord with a wide audience. His channel boasts over 1500 videos, attracting more than 77M views, where he shares valuable insights, experiences, and the challenges of the agricultural sector. His straightforward approach to explaining farming complexities has not only endeared him to enthusiasts and the curious alike but has also earned him prestigious recognitions, such as the DLG's ‘International Agricultural Influencer for YouTube’ award and the NFU Community Farming Hero accolade.

Beyond his online persona, Olly is a visionary farmer and entrepreneur, managing a business with 14 different income streams ranging from dog walking fields to biomass wood chipping, and a lucrative merchandise operation. His journey from a dyslexic teenager who left school at 16 to a successful farmer managing 1500 acres is nothing short of inspirational. Olly's dedication to innovation and diversification, along with his commitment to charity, exemplifies his multifaceted contributions to both the agricultural community and society at large.

Olly's charitable efforts, which have raised over £450,000 for causes like Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the North West Air Ambulance, along with his recent appointment as a Deputy Lieutenant of Merseyside, reflect his deep commitment to his community. Together with his fiancée Charlotte and their three children, Olly Harrison continues to build his farming empire, promising a legacy that combines agricultural success with social impact. Through his unique blend of expertise, humour, and generosity, Olly Harrison stands out as a beacon of influence and inspiration in the digital and agricultural landscapes.

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