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It is a common misconception that all the fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers of the modern world are teen models or young television stars. Amongst the pool of popular social media influencers today is Jane Grainger, a middle-aged fashionista who is taking a unique approach to women’s beauty and lifestyle by catering her content to people of all ages.

As the author of the popular blog My Midlife Fashion, Jane admits to taking a ‘huge jump outside of [her] comfort zone’ to launch a blog that would act as a creative space to express her insight on all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, interior and more. Her blog focuses on incorporating the latest trends with stylish finds from both the high street and designer brands. Combining two worlds into one, Jane provides a unique take on the world of fashion and as a result is one of the most exciting and inspiring fashion influencers over 40.

The blog acts as a space for recreating your own style whilst implementing the fashion ‘dos’ and ‘don'ts’ that will guide beginners along the way of becoming their own style guru. Aside from just clothing, Jane also blogs about hair care, skincare, product reviews and recommendations, seasonal must-haves, gift guides and more. As a way to engage with her fans, Jane also allows followers to shop her look by posting her outfits online with accessory guides and tips on how to recreate her various styles.

Besides the fashion blog, Jane takes to social media to connect with fans and to promote her recent posts. She also utilises her elevated platform to engage in partnerships with a variety of popular brands and businesses within the fashion and beauty industries. In the past she has collaborated with the likes of Marks & Spencer and Sezane, creating stylish, shoppable looks using the brands’ own products.

Jane’s influence reaches across multiple platforms as she accumulates a total of over 31k followers and counting. Being a wife and mum of one, she becomes an inspirational figure for fellow ‘midlife fashionistas’ as well as parents who also believe that being fashionable doesn’t end at 40. With her blog focusing on multiple areas including lifestyle, travel and parenting, she becomes an all-round influencer with a focus on midlife fashion that brands and businesses value as an asset to their marketing team.

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