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About Megz Mcloughlin...

Megz Mcloughlin is one half of the Mcloughlin Girls, along with her sister Milli Jo. Together, the girls rose to fame on TikTok, and have continued to go from strength to strength, developing an almighty social media presence. 

Recognised on TikTok for her hilarious sense of humour, comedic sketches and for getting involved in viral lip-sync and dance trends, Megz is one of the most popular faces on TikTok right now. And with over 1.7 million followers and more than 50 million likes on the app, it is no wonder that Megz and her sister are continuing to rise in popularity. 

Also well-known on Instagram and YouTube, Megz shares stunning selfies as well as glamorous fashion posts. Using her platforms to demonstrate a keen interest in both beauty and style, Megz is also a member of the content creator house, Icon House.

A keen traveller, Megz’s Instagram feed is filled with swoon-worthy travel snaps, as well as posts that document her busy lifestyle

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