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About Megan Short...

Megan Short is a popular vlogger, Instagrammer and social media influencer who rose to fame thanks to her self-titled YouTube channel. 

With her audience continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Megan has made her mark as a fashion and lifestyle influencer.

Over on Instagram, Megan uses the photo-sharing platform to share snaps of her favourite outfits, showcasing her unique and trendy sense of style. As well as this, Megan often creates and posts innovated Reels, once again, cementing her passion for fashion

Regularly uploading to YouTube, Megan is well-known for keeping her fans up to date with her busy lifestyle though daily and weekly vlogs, as well as documenting momentous occasions. 

Sharing everything from clothing hauls, reaction videos and hilarious challenges, Megan’s social media channels have something to offer everyone. 

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