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Megan Rose Lane is a London based beauty and lifestyle influencer and mother, who uses her established online presence to spread positivity and motivation She also shares amazing makeup tips due to her skills as a makeup artist.

After experiencing many issues to do with her mental and physical health, Megan uses her personal stories to build confidence in other young women. With her entrepreneurial attitude and strong messages about self-love, it’s easy to see why her following has grown so quickly.

Megan isn’t afraid to show the real, raw and unedited side of social media, causing her to build a genuine fanbase of mothers, teenagers and young girls alike. Using her Instagram feed to share makeup-free selfies and photos depicting the everyday realities of life, Megan is an advocate for body positivity and mental wellbeing.

Her empowering words and fresh outlook on life has resulted in Megan working with a wide range of well-known brands from beauty to babycare. She is also the co-founder of She Grows, an organisation hosting workshops aimed at encouraging women to live the life of their dreams.

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