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Marta Canga is an award-winning, Spanish, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle blogger and influencer who is based in London. Originally from Spain, Marta was raised in Belgium before moving across to England where she has now settled. Having launched a successful blog, Marta has created a loyal community of people who share the same values.

n her early career, Marta graduated in Political Science at the Free University of Brussels before moving to London to continuing her studies, graduating in European Studies at King’s College London. A year later, Marta expanded her education, graduating once again in International Relations at the London School of Economics.

Despite all of her education, Marta’s true passions always remained the same, fashion, photography, health and food, which in turn led to her opening a blog back in 2014. Titled the same as her name, Marta Canga, the blog promotes practicing a sustainable lifestyle.

Having a well-respected voice in her community, Marta’s large audience are all interested in sustainable fashion, plant-based food, cruelty-free beauty products and ethical living, which is everything that the blog has to offer.

Marta’s main goal is to educate people about all the different aspects of leading a sustainable lifestyle, making it fun and less doom and gloom. Giving them lifestyle tips instead of bombarding them with the bad state of the planet, Marta believes this is the right way to get her message across.

In a bid to save the planet, Marta is an inspiration to many and is sure to boost your next marketing campaign!

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