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About Man For Himself...

Robin James is a fashion and lifestyle influencer for thousands of men worldwide. His blog, Man for Himself, launched in 2012 with his accompanying YouTube channel in 2013. Exploring men’s lifestyle, he posts regular content on the topics of male fashion, beauty and style, whilst also giving product and restaurant reviews, tutorials, hauls, and cocktail recipes.

Robin’s story begins at the University of Glasgow where he completed an MA in Politics and History; it was then when the influencer developed his artistic flair and started to experiment with style and fashion. Staying open and honest with followers, he confesses that his journey to lifestyle expertise has been a rocky road. Despite ‘some real errors along the way’, he has gone on to become a successful role model for men in the digital world, using his presence on social media to encourage individuality and fluidity in men’s fashion and lifestyle. Completing another qualification in broadcast journalism, his expertise of the digital world grew with his stylistic insight - the two powers combined into the birth of his YouTube channel, where his image employs a chic aesthetic whilst delivering fashion advice with confidence and a unique perception.

Alongside his fashion hauls and hair care tutorials, Robin’s blog and channel consist of multiple dimensions wherein men can gain lifestyle inspiration - whether it be men’s physical and mental health, food and bartending culture, fitness, technology, entertainment - the list is endless, and his influence continues to grow. He frequently engages in collaborative work with a variety of brands and businesses, some of which include sponsorships by Boots and Bicester Village, brand ambassadorship and product launching with Bumble and Bumble, and promoting products for Men of Manual that treat common physical dysfunctions affecting men. In addition to this, Robin passionately encourages people to break the toxic habit of regarding men’s physical and mental health taboo, a topic which affects many and further strengthens his presence as an influencer when reaching out to many men around the world. Diverging even further from solely fashion and lifestyle, Robin’s sponsorship by Joy of Plants has enabled him to experiment with home decor and interior influencing.

Robin’s Q&A videos offer an honest reflection of his persona as he maintains an open and personal relationship with his viewers, discussing popular topics surrounding fashion and expectations for men that are circulating within millennial culture. His podcast, Flat White Chats, explores topics such as mental health, sexuality, online influencing, and dating/relationships. He uses popular platforms such as Spotify to share his podcasts and engage with the current ideas and conversations that preoccupy the minds of his followers and many men (and women) in society.

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