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About Lucie Donlan...

Lucie Donlan is a popular blogger, model, professional surfer and reality television star from the ITV hit series Love Island. Having grown up in the coastal county of Cornwall, the micro-influencer has incorporated the beach life into her career as a blogger and lifestyle influencer. Across both her self-titled blog and social media channels, she shares her passion for all things lifestyle, fashion and surfing. Her online prominence as an influencer and model has lead her to being associated the likes of Surfgirl, Wed, Coast, Aspirational Living and more.

Turning her love for surfing into a long-term profession, Lucie dedicates her social profile to becoming a role model for those with similar aspirations and interests. Her dedication to the surf life has enabled her to proactively engage in programmes such as The Wave Project: a surf therapy charity founded and based in Newquay aiming to help young people suffering from anxiety through courses and coaching. Being a fully qualified ISA Surf Coach, Lucie takes matters into her own hands by becoming an established Ambassador for The Wave Project, immersing herself into an organisation with which she resonates strongly.

Having surfed competitively in her early teens, she has taken proactive measures to build a prominence within the industry and managed to qualify as the youngest female ISA Surf Judge in the UK working with Surfing England.

Lucie’s modelling experience is varied as. She has worked with a wide range of brands, including lifestyle, surf, fashion, bridal and other miscellaneous companies. Due to her success as both professional surfer and lifestyle blogger, she has built up an active daily social media presence as she ‘strive[s] to be a provider of creative and unique content for the brands [she] work[s] with’. Considering herself as ‘socially aware, compassionate, hard working and extremely motivated’, she aims to become a ‘strong role model for young women’ as she pursues and excels in any area that she decides to pursue. Her collaborative work is extensive, having partnered with brands such as Herbalife, Protest, Zennor Bikini, House of Marley and more.

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