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Rising to fame with her blog, What Olivia Did, Liv Purvis is a popular influencer specialising particularly in lifestyle, fashion and beauty

With a well-known blog, Liv is passionate about the written word, sharing content about a variety of topics. From her favourite recipes, to vintage fashion and travel guides, Liv’s online space is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs. 

Liv has an Instagram feed full of swoon-worthy snaps of holidays, trips and days out, as well as documenting what she gets up to with friends and family. 

With a keen interest in fashion, Liv is known for her love of vintage finds, often sharing her favourite pieces in a series of OOTD’s and detailed outfit shots.

Liv is also the founder of The Insecure Girls’ Club, a space for women and girls to embrace their vulnerabilities and empower themselves. Also a podcast host, Liv and her friend Charlotte Jacklin discuss navigating their way through millennial life, discussing the latest trends and topics. 

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