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About Laura Anderson...

Leaving behind her career as an air hostess at Emirates, Laura Anderson's has become a well-known social media influencer and reality television personality. Whilst being a contestant on the popular reality series Love Island in 2018, Laura caught the eyes of many viewers with her fun-loving personality. Since then, she has embarked on further projects aligned with her passion for fashion, beauty and fitness.

Laura has utilised her social media following in order to launch her own entrepreneurial projects. Co-owning the clothing franchise White Palm Boutique, she frequently promotes the launch of newly dispersed collections such as swimwear or spring dresses. On top of this, the celebrity influencer is an ambassador for The Wellbeing Of Women, a charity raising funds to invest in medical research for women and young children. She further supports charities out of her own interest and encourages young people on social media to donate to organizations such as Comic Relief. Showing interest in more than just fashion and beauty, her involvement in health and women’s causes fortifies her iconic image, her versatility allowing her to thrive within the influencing industry.

Despite expressing her struggles surrounding fitness and health, Laura has embarked on several upcoming fitness projects that she proudly shares with fans. On her Instagram page, she confesses the hardship of establishing a healthy routine and stepping into a gym where people “know your face from somewhere”. She, therefore, encourages her fans to follow her footsteps into gaining confidence in the gym and creating a routine that fits their lifestyle.

Taking her entrepreneurship further, Laura enthusiastically works with brands in various deals and advertisements throughout her social media platforms. Some of her collaborations include Iconic London, e-harmony, Ghost Fragrances, Shein and more. She has also taken more active roles in partnerships with Daniel Wellington when offering her followers discount codes and promotional offers, as well as teaming up with fellow influencer Adam Deering in creating competitions for fans and keeping them engaged and active in their commercial endeavours.

Laura is not afraid to branch out from her comfort zone and embark on exciting projects in various industries. Being a role model for fashion, beauty, reality TV, lifestyle, dating and fitness, she can easily become your ideal partner or ambassador in promoting a brand or launching a new project.

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