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Kelvin, otherwise known as Notoriously Dapper, is a body positivity and men’s fashion influencer

Focusing on inspiring all men to embrace themselves and their bodies, Kelvin posts his daily outfits to his Instagram account to show men of all shapes and sizes that they too can be stylish, regardless of limiting shopping experiences and non-inclusive clothing advertisements. 

Kelvin started his blog, Notoriously Dapper, after a shopping trip for clothes left a bitter taste. Since then, Kelvin has made it his mission to ensure that he never feels ashamed or insecure about his body again. This positive attitude to men’s plus-size fashion meant that Kelvin quickly became a highly respected fashion and body positivity influencer. 

His success led to Kelvin becoming an award nominated author, releasing his book titled Notoriously Dapper, which informs men how to be a “modern gentlemen with manners, style and body confidence”. This has led Kelvin to have mentions in The New York Times and the Huffington Post. 

Regularly posting on Instagram, Kelvin’s content is a mixture of light-hearted, inspiring and down to earth posts, ensuring that anyone who visits his profile is left feeling happy, supported and fulfilled. He has also earnt himself the title as “Best Smile on Instagram”, and we can definitely see why! 

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