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Kate Elisabeth


About Kate Elisabeth...

Kate captured her YouTube audience when she documented her boarding school experience, highlighting the realities of life away from home.

Since leaving boarding school, Kate has focused on her social media career and regularly uploads to YouTube. Her content often consists of daily vlogs, fun challenges with her friends and detailed Q&A’s. 

As an avid user of Instagram, Kate shows her love for all thing’s fashion. She regularly shares OOTD’s and close up fashion shots. Her feed is also filled with selfies, showcasing her busy lifestyle as well as fun snaps to show what she gets up to with friends and family. 

Kate Elisabeth was also a part of the creator house ‘Wave House’, which consists of multiple social media influencers coming together to create innovative content and take their platforms to the next level. Wave House gained momentum overnight, soon reaching over 3.8 million followers.

On her own TikTok page, Kate has amassed more than 26 million likes, regularly joining in on viral dance trends, as well as sharing hilarious comedy sketches and insightful beauty routines. 

With a love for travel, Kate also shares swoon-worthy holiday snaps from her time at destinations including Croatia, Bali, and Mykonos. 

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