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About Josh Pieters...

Josh Pieters is a leading YouTuber with a passion for hilarity and sport. A former professional cricketer, he has turned his charm to the camera where he has garnered a huge following with his brilliant videos and aspirational Instagram posts.

Josh was born in Kynsna, South Africa where he went to school and discovered a passion for cricket. He was selected to play for the South Western Districts’ Under 19 team as a batsman and left-arm fast bowler. He developed among some of the best teams in the country before moving to England to pursue his cricketing career. In England, he met up with fellow South African and YouTuber Caspar Lee. Caspar started including Josh in a few videos and eventually, the hilarious content creator started his own channel.

Josh started his YouTube channel in 2016 and soon garnered hundreds of thousands of views. In a short period of time, he broke the half a million mark and looks set to reach a million. His success is in no small part due to the sheer variety of content he posts. A popular segment sees Josh challenge himself and his friends to various competitions. These include everything from roasts to eating ghost peppers, singing contests and stay awakes. His fans love the funny and competitive nature he shares with the likes of Joe SuggCaspar Lee and Conor Maynard.

Josh has also carved out a niche for himself as a first-rate interviewer. He regularly interviews Hollywood celebrities on their upcoming movies including Will Ferrell, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland. His success has been noted by big hitters like Comedy Central, with Josh landing himself his own series. Entitled Josh Investigates, it consists of a series of short internet interviews as well as Snapchat Discover videos. Josh’s tongue-in-cheek style sees him talk to the public about the most pressing issues of the day, from 'fake news' to 'climate change'.

Josh has recently expanded to other social platforms and has built up a sizeable Instagram presence. As anInstagram influencer, Josh posts photos of his interviews with famous sportsmen, movie stars and YouTubers as well as candid photos of his personal life. This gives his fans a taste of his personal life and allows them the space to contact and communicate with one of their favourite stars.

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