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About Joe Weller...

Whether he's offering content relating to football, lifestyle, music or anything in between, Joe Weller has been able to turn every one of his ventures into a success. One of the most popular lifestyle influencers ever to have come out of the UK, Joe has turned his social media success into a rewarding career at the forefront of the digital landscape.

Joe developed a passion for filmmaking early on, pursuing a degree in Filmmaking and Media Studies. He found his way onto YouTube and began making an array of vlogs that would soon bring him significant attention. Some of his first videos saw the light of day in 2012, paving the way for his international stardom.

Joe's success as a social media influencer has also seen him branch out into several other areas. One of his most notable business ventures is the creation of his own line of apparel - Legitimate. Offering a wide range of clothes aimed at young adults, the line represents another highlight of his career to date.

Showing promise as an artist, Joe has also become a successful musician. Regularly releasing songs such as Wanna Do, Mission, Far From You and Queen & a Double, his work has helped to inspire and entertain music fans around the globe.

Some of Joe's most popular videos have enjoyed an astonishing number of views. Videos such as his Public WWE Finishers - which saw Joe and his friends display a number of well-known wrestling moves in public - have picked up more than 20 million views to date. Other examples include his music video Ronaldo Chop (16 million+ views), WWE Moves with WWE Legends (12 million+ views) and Exploring Haunted Abandoned School (8 million+ views). Many of his videos have also shown significant engagement, with most of his vlogs bringing in thousands of comments.

Enjoying immense popularity with young audiences around the world, Joe is an ideal partner for brands looking to strengthen their influencer marketing campaigns. Having built up a following of more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube alone, many of Joe's vlogs regularly amass millions of views. Offering challenges, football vlogs, pranks, travel videos, skits, reaction videos, Q&As and more, Joe's content offers a variety of ways to connect with an exciting audience.

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