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About Jed Barker...

Jed Barker is a popular social media influencer and YouTube personality. No stranger to the spotlight, Jed comes from a family of famous faces and fellow social media stars, Casey and Saffron Barker.

Well-known across both Instagram and YouTube, Jed uses his platforms to share a variety of fun and engaging content. 

Jed is also hugely popular on TikTok, having amassed more than 18 million likes after getting involved in viral dance trends, hilarious comedy sketches and lip-syncs.

From food challenges to vlogs and everything in between, Jed’s YouTube channel is full of engaging content. Having recently moved house, Jed is set to document the renovation journey of his new family home. 

And taking to Instagram, Jed’s feed is filled with stylish selfies, showcasing his interest in men’s fashion as well as loved-up snaps with his girlfriend Imogen Cribb.

Full of character and humour, Jed’s social media channels are a true reflection of his personality.

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