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About Jake Mitchell...

Effortlessly leaving his audience in fits of laughter with his entertaining vlogs, Jake Mitchell's many talents have helped him build a combined following of more than 1.8m dedicated YouTube subscribers. Having proven to be a hit with young viewers across the UK and beyond, Jake's reputation as a leading social media influencer is undisputed.

Jake's first venture into influencer stardom saw the light of day when he was just eleven years old. Creating his first video with the help of his school friends, Nerf War Spy Film picked up more than five million views after it was uploaded to his dad's YouTube channel. This success led him to pursue his filmmaking further through the creation of his own channel - and the rest is history.

He conducted an interview with YouTube icon Caspar Lee in 2014, and it wasn't long before the video went viral. Jake continued to deliver a wide range of content aimed at keeping his growing audience entertained. From challenges to comedy skits and everything in between, Jake's quick wit and hilarious antics quickly became a conversation point for young audiences all over the world.

As a result of his popularity, Jake has become an ideal fit for influencer marketing campaigns. Partnering with an array of brands as part of their advertisements and influencer marketing campaigns, Jake has already worked with a string of major brands. For example, he recently collaborated with well-known gaming brand PlayStation, breathing new life into their PlayLink range.

In addition, Jake has collaborated with a wide array of fellow YouTube stars over the years. Working with the likes of Sam King, Caspar Lee and Jack Binstead, Jake has continued to grow his platform.

Also a regular user of Instagram, Jake uses the platform to keep fans up to date on his personal and professional life. Sharing candid snaps alongside friends and family, Jake enjoys capturing and sharing memories with his fans. 

Passionate about music, Jake made his mark on the music and entertainment industry in 2019 when he released his first single, Waved.

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