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About Haz Chadwick...

Haz began vlogging in 2014 under her idkimhaz handle with covers of her favourite music. While these continued to rise in popularity, it was when Haz began to showcase her candid, positive and humorous personality that she won an engaged and enthusiastic following online.

Never afraid to engage with hot topics of the moment, Haz is an absorbing communicator, using humour and a relatable down-to-earth approach to discuss the challenges that regularly confront young women. 

Her series on YouTube, titled ‘The Peoples Diary’ positions Haz in the role of a Gen Z agony aunt, with followers encouraged to send in relationship issues and social dilemmas for Haz to share her own happy-go-lucky advice. 

Haz is also a keen fashionista, and her Instagram posts showcase a cool gallery of athleisure and edgy streetwear styles, often in enviable locations, including Rome, LA and Malibu.

Her skin journey see Haz use her platform to document her growing knowledge of skin care and beauty, delivered with the charismatic honesty she is increasingly known for.

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