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About Hayley Hughes...

Hayley Hughes emerged within the public eye during her appearance on the Love Island series in 2018 and has since caught the spotlight with her energetic and charming persona.

The renowned reality TV star and emerging fashion influencer has an extremely fast growing fanbase, now boasting over an impressive 663k followers on Instagram. Originally from Liverpool, Hayley has had a small glimpse of celebrity life after having been a model for multiple niche fashion brands before embarking on reality television. Having also entered a pageant and crowned Miss British Isles in 2015, Hayley proves to be an ambitious influential role model for many, having had substantial achievements within the fashion, beauty and television industry all by the age of 21.

Hayley has been involved with several brand partnerships including the likes of Daniel Wellington, Pretty Little Thing and Motel Rocks. She has also collaborated with Hairburst in a series of sponsored posts where she delivers promotional offers and discount codes for fans whilst promoting the brand’s products. This has lead to the influencer launching her own projects within the fashion and beauty industry; she eagerly promotes her own clothing range in partnership with Lasula in regular Instagram posts and promotions. You can catch her advertising dresses, outfits, accessories and jewellery for her fans on Instagram, providing them with details of company offers and deals and where to shop for her look.

Alongside becoming a television star and a social media influencer, her partnerships diverge from solely fashion and TV. She has teamed up with fellow British male influencer Adam Deering to create competitions for fans to follow and get involved with, offering prizes and rewards for loyal followers.

Having worked alongside some of the biggest UK brands has boosted her position within the fashion industry as she continues to grow as one of the nation’s up-and-coming social media influencers.

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