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About Emma Morris...

Emma Morris is a parenting content creator who is best known for her documentation of her honest pregnancy journey being a first-time mum.

Predominantly being present on TikTok, Emma has amassed an incredible following of other first-time mums and women who relate and engage with her videos as they are in similar positions themselves.

Welcoming her baby girl, Sydney, Emma gave birth at the end of January 2023 and has continued sharing her experiences living as a first-time mum, now creating content such as a ‘day in the life with a new-born’, ‘nursery tours’ and ‘hospital bag’ ideas for when going into labour.

Emma also creates less serious content where she takes part in current trends and often posts hilarious TikTok's that her following loves.

An honest content creator, Emma has built a supportive community of likeminded individuals, and therefore would make her a great parenting influencer to work with in an upcoming marketing campaign!

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