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Emily Tube is the YouTube channel of pint-sized princess Emily Cozmiuc. Loved by millions across the world, Emily's channel is a hub for kids’ entertainment and has made her one of the biggest YouTube stars to date.

Emily's channel was created by accident when her parents, Ciprian and Larisa, started posting videos of their daughter to YouTube for her relatives in Romania. The videos soon took off and much to their surprise, Emily Tube became an instant hit. Since its creation in 2014, the channel has grown to over 7 million subscribers with Ciprian quitting his job to manage the young star’s channel and career.

Emily Tube is unique in its variety of video content that it provides for children. This entertaining channel covers everything from fun learning videos using balls and dolls to shopping trips and other fun activities. Along with this, Emily Tube also features a series of Emily Cartoons and toy review videos that are the perfect platform for sponsored content and brand collaborations.

If Emily wasn't already adorable enough, she also makes videos with her three sisters. Her sister Celeste often accompanies Emily on her adventures, especially the Disney princess videos, and has even started her own channel called Creative Celeste. Celeste shows that talent runs in the family with a channel dedicated to vlogs, fashion and other teenage interests.

Emily Tube is a wonderful YouTube channel that looks to inspire, entertain and educate through the adventures of this adorable social media icon. Emily is the ideal kid influencer to partner with as her fans enjoy and trust all the toys, games and adventures she displays.

Due to the immense reach of the Emily Tube platform, Emily has become one of the most significant influencers in the world today. As the perfect partner for influencer marketing campaigns, the success of Emily's channel has continued to soar to new heights. Widely considered to be an internet phenomenon at such an early age, Emily looks set to become a valued partner for kids and brands alike.

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